Wanting: Hard Top Mk3

Hi, I have a mk3 NC and looking for a hard top, ideally black, but if not will definitely consider another colour. If anybody has or knows someone with one for sale, please PM me. Ideally Kent area but will travel within reason. Thank you

I personally have no idea what these cost new or indeed on the second hand market.
(Just spotted over £1500 on MX5 Parts).
But here is one if that’s any good to you?
Probably like hens teeth, hence what he/she wants for it.
You never know, they might do a deal on the roof and fitting kit.
All the best.

Do try and get the fitting kit with it, these can be very expensive bought as a separate purchase or new.
Some owners would be happy to exchange the parts off their car to yours and so yours to theirs to put it back to standard.

Dont bother with the Mazda fitting kit just buy the Frankenstein bolts separately and use the jass performance side brackets only …much cheaper than £350 plus for the Mazda kit