Wanting new 17inch alloys for 2004 MX-5

Hi Guys I own a 2004 mx-5 MK2.5. It currently has standard 15 inch alloys fitted. I would like to upgrade to 17inch. My question is what PCD, aspect ratio should I be looking for to ensure they fit and are legal.

100 PCD, what do you mean by aspect ratio?

Thanks Robbie, it looks like as long as they are 100 PCD they should fit. Is this the diameter of the stud or distance between the studs.


Apart from the 100cm PCD you should also ensure that the centre bore is 54.1mm and the wheel offset is correct. If you are intending to fit, say, 7 inch rims then you will need something like 35 - 40mm offset - (listed in specs as ET).


If you go to www.alloywheels.com they have a ‘wheel selector’.
Just put in what car you have and what size wheels you’re after, in your case 17 inch
then it will list all the wheels they have that will fit your car. You can get them mail order.

I’ve bought wheels from there, and know others that have and their service is good.

They’ve got looooooads on offer. It’ll also show a rough picture of them on your sort of car so
you can see roughly what they look like.