Washers for mk1 top struts 🤔

sooo, the shock has the flat side at the top, making it a D shape, the strut also has the D shape, my question is do you have to use washers with the D shape or is it possible to use regular washers of the same size?

obviously, i won’t know the size of the ones that sit on the bump stop until i take my shocks off. if you can use them, does anyone know the exact dimensions of those ones or where i can find that info?

in addition, the 4 small spring washers for the top mounts (also used on the gearbox rear bearing cover, the propshaft to diff and the clutch & brake pedals) are they 18mm external diameter / 10mm internal diameter? are they also called wave spring & split lock? what type of steel do they need to be A2 A3 A4 zinc plated etc?

i’ve watched countless videos of shocks being taken out & put in, yet i still haven’t seen anyone using those 4 spring washers. where do they go? on top after you’ve put the shocks thru the engine compartment or underneath on the strut before they fit into the engine compartment?


What D-shape washers? What spring washers?

There is only a single washer for the shock. Use the one from Mazda, not B&Q

thanks for diagram :+1:

small washers i was referring to:
Suspension Top Mount Spring Washer, MX5 Mk1 – MX5 Parts
as you can see (at the time of posting) sold out, so i was looking for another source.

as for “Use the one from Mazda, not B&Q”:

i 've bought two brand new genuine Mazda shocks from a Mazda supplier.
there were no washers provided from Mazda. that’s why i asked about it.
if they had provided washers, i would have just used their washers.
like i said, the top of the shock has a flat side, so it’s D shape.
the top of the strut also has a flat side for the hole, so it’s D shape.
i haven’t found any videos of genuine Mazda shocks being fitted.
however, i’ve seen a video of Gaz shocks being fitted, which also have a flat side at the top.
in the video, there are 2 washers per shock, roughly the size of a 50p, but round.
one slightly bigger than the other.
the person puts the larger one under the strut and the smaller one on top of the strut.
it’s hard to tell from the video, but it looks like the washers could just have a normal hole in, not a D shape to fit the top of the shock with a flat side.

so, again, thanks for the diagram, but given the size and detail of what i’m guessing may be a washer in the diagram (???) without an actual of picture of one, it’s of somewhat limited use.

The link you provided literally has a photo of the spring washer, one per shock, for the top mount. Its not “D-shaped”.

What you are seeing in the Gaz videos is the Gaz solution to rattling shocks. When these shocks came out, they used to clunk. Gaz didn’t do enough threads; you couldn’t properly tighten the top mount. The shock will compress a bit under the weight of the car, so the shocks became loose, so people tightened a bit more then ran out of thread, and ended up with rattly shocks. So they ended up supplying a spacer, the “second” washer you saw. Only Gaz does this.

If you watched this:

These are Gaz washers, not Mazda washers. They come with the Gaz kit.

This is more of an OE swap

The reason he is not using the spring washer is that his Chinese pattern shocks came with Nyloc nuts (“lock nuts”), or he’s chosen to use Nylocs. The Nyloc is supposed to mean you don’t need the spring washer to ensure the nut is tight under load. I think this is bad practice. I’ve seen threads on Miataforum where people are recommending Nylocs with an additional nut on top to stop them loosening, which tells you, maybe you should have used the Mazda hardware. Or maybe you can’t because it turns out the cheap Chinese shocks are using the wrong thread.

Nylocs/Nylocks work by friction softening a Nylon insert, which hardens after tightening. But there are many different grades and qualities out there, and technically, you can’t reuse them. Nylocs can fail, due to heat and chemicals. A low chance of that, given the location. But also, they are meant to be tightened one, not twice. You’ve assembled your shock, spring and top mount off the car, and tightened it. Maybe during the assembly onto the car, you find you need to back off the nut, because you haven’t gotten the bottom of the shock lined up with the wishbone. And/or, you need to retighten the nut one the car is back down on the ground. Not really meant to be done; probably it will be ok, but maybe it won’t. Because the Nylocs you got with the Chinese shocks are also Chinese Nylocs, and who knows.

Also the videos you saw about a washer being placed under a tp mount are probably using Mk2 hardware with either a Mk2 top mount or modified Mk1 top mount. I switched to Mk2 top mounts years ago (my Protecs are now 16 years old and living dangerously!). You have all these parts

Plus you see on my Protecs, this threaded spacer; its not a washer

Order the washers from Mazda.