Wasted space - a suggestion

To compact things a bit and reduce the amount of scrolling I have to do, I’ve reluctantly resorted to the same tactic I use over on mx5nutz - I switched off displaying users’ Avatars and Sigs.  It’s a pity, because the Avatars are a useful guide, especially when scrolling to find a particular contribution.

It occurred to me that most people’s avatar pictures are smaller than the default (the big, grey silhouette) and a lot of blank lines could be saved if only the default avatar was removed, or at least changed for a smaller picture.

PS  Every time I post something, at the bottom of my message I’m invited to “Edit Tags”.

Can someone explain to me why I would want to do this?  Imagine for a moment that I’m so tragically out of touch as to be unaware of what tags are all about.  What, please, are tags and how do they make the world better?

Tags are keywords people can search under, eg ‘brakes’, ‘NC’

PPS  I just realised I posted this in the wrong section.  Sorry.  It ought to have been in the “Site Suggestions” forum (obviously). 

But when scanning the list, I didn’t spot there was such a forum because it’s a sub-forum in the amusingly-named “Scrutineering” section, which I skimmed over without a second glance as I failed to grasp it was a joke (I expected it would cover “detailing” and suchlike).

OK, thanks. 

How is that different from just searching for keywords in the text of a post, like we used to?

tags, its a new fangled thing, they come up in the tag cloud on the right hand side.  The more a tag is used the bigger the cloud therefore you know thats the most popular thing…  They seem to pop up on all sorts of sites these days, probably need a bit of getting used to and understanding how we can get the most out of them.  

That might actually turn out to be really useful, as long as it’s able to use very short tags.  Doing a forum search for 3-letter acronyms like CAS or ARB is a pain, because many forums can’t search for just 3 letters, and even if they can, they find hundreds of false hits where the acronym appears in a longer word.  I’ll certainly give it a go.

cake seems to have worked any way…  [;)]