I’ve joined the ‘new’ forum.
Not keen on the layout, but i guess it’ll grow over time :frowning:

Hows everybody finding it then?



Are you viewing in flat or threaded option@   Flat is way better for most uses, click on the change view button to alter it…

Yeah i have it set to flat. Thanks though, haha i checked the other view first just to make sure :wink:

I like it - lots of clean design white space, nice modern font, easy navigation.

I think clean, white space is overrated. :)  Seriously, too much screen acreage is given over to stuff other than the actual content of the messages.  Scroll up to the top of this thread, for example,  The only actual message content on my screen is one single line of text, and that begins 70% of the way down the screen and about 40% of the way across.  Can’t help but wonder if all the clutter is really necessary.