We're going racing again!

Hi With lockdown easing, planning to go and watch (in a suitably socially distanced manner) the racing at Cadwell Park on Sunday. We’ve never been to Cadwell before (the reviews are fantastic) so just wondered if anyone had any tips, particularly around the best places to watch from

Cadwell is a great circuit, it suits the MX well. Best place to watch is the terrace at Mountain, next to the restaurant and loos.

Have a great time!

Mike thanks - I’m taking my mate who’s spectated F1 but never seen the pocket rockets - I’m trusting that he’ll be impressed!!!

Well it will be real racing as the cars are of identical spec., so it’s down to driver skill, tactics and strategy, not a performance procession like F1. Have a great time!

It was great! lovely weather a fantastic track and all manner of different racing - but the MX5s were fabulous

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