West London Area - Hanworth Classic Car Show - Sunday 30 June

Thanks Colin. Message passed on.

Hi Helen

the Hanworth event is now fully booked but I have been advised that we can still register three more members on to our club stand.  When registering members must indicate they are a member of the MX5 owners club.  I’ve sent you an  email with a copy of the reply received from the organisers.

Regards.  Colin

Hi Helen can you book me in for this event got pass already to go thanks gerry Solent area thanks

As per your registration email, please arrive on site by 10am in order for us to be prepared for the 11am opening.

Don’t forget to print off your pass and bring it with you.

Colin is bringing a stove, kettle and water in order for us to make a cuppa and I will bring tea/coffee/milk and cakes.  Therefore, if you want a drink, please bring a cup/mug with you.


To everyone else who isn’t showing their car…COME ALONG for a day out and pop over and say hello.