West Norfolk - Keeping in Touch

Hi Everyone

It seems an age since we all met up and talked MX5’s so I have decided to take a leaf out of the Fenland Aviation Museums book and start a Keeping in Touch e mail. If no one answers, it will be a short lived venture, so lets see!

As some of you know Jen and I are lucky enough to have around 3 1/2 acres of land around our home, so in a mad moment and with time to kill, I decided to replace the external perimeter fencing, all 400 metres of it, everything started off well, but, on Wednesday my petrol powered earth auger gave up the ghost, leaving me with approximately 50 x 1800mm x 100mm posts to put in place using a post hole banger! After 2 days of toil we still have 20 left to do, so, the job should be complete by this Wednesday.

That’s my tail of woe, so far, anyone else with anything they would like to share? if so let’s hear it, in the meantime, stay safe and stay well.

Barry and Jenny


Hi Barry & Jenny and everyone else,

We managed to spend some time in the garden today, put our summer pergola up over the patio, BBQ and table & chairs out of storage and set up. Will be firing up the BBQ in a few minutes, nothing fancy, but at least we can get outside and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Also put a new light fitting up in the dining room this afternoon - this involved moving the position from the centre of the room to above the centre of the dining table. Had to get into the attic to move the cables, managed to not put my foot through the ceiling, so that was a result. Plus all the lights in the house still work - bonus! Decorating starts next weekend…

MX5 related - removed the sidelights the other day as they were constantly steamed up. They are currently drying off in the greenhouse, ready to be resealed with the amusingly named Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure at some point.

Take care,

Phil & Jen

Hi all

Still going to work so not a lot of time during the week but have also cleared up several outstanding jobs.
Hilly is not able to do her work so the house has been turned upside down.
Rachel (youngest daughter) and I also were putting up fence posts Saturday as some of the old ones were rotted out and four legged one was in danger of escaping.
MX5 front - not a lot but you never know it may get a clean and a polish (steady on what have I said)

Stay safe

Andrew & Hilly

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Andy, Hilly

I know the feeling, we have been replacing fence posts like they are going out of style, unfortunately my petrol post hole borer went pop on Saturday, so am now back to using a shovel and post banger, still have 26 to go, so more pain to come. MX5 wise, they are all clean and shiny, but the discs are getting a little rusty and may need replacing in time. Other than that, its just a case of cleaning, repairing and replacing anything that looks like it needs it.

Take care and stay safe

Barry and Jenny

Hi Barry and Jenny and everyone else

Hope everyone is doing ok in these strange times.
We have sorn the MX5 but she still was given a good clean and polish at the weekend whilst sitting on the driveway before she was tucked back in the garage.
We are both doing ok.
Andy is working from home and Jo is still going into the office so we still have some routine to our days.
Take care and stay safe
Andy and Jo

Hi Andy and Jo

Strange times indeed. Just like being retired without the excursions, (forgot, I am retired). We are still working through our list of jobs and haven’t yet got to the car cleaning stage, although, as they have not turned a wheel in the last few weeks, are pretty clean anyway. Today, should, be the last day of replacing the paddock fencing, so 110 fence posts and approximately 1500 metres of wire later we have new fencing throughout the property, one small snag, my post hole borer seized up, so the last 40 posts were put in manually and that was bl–dy hard work! On the car front we have treated ourselves to a set of bespoke luggage for the RF, from MX5 Parts, which is due for delivery today. Keep well and stay safe. Barry and Jenny

Hi Barry, very belated ‘keeping in touch’ reply, I hope you have got over your mammoth fencing project, and the mx5s are keeping shiny

We are both working from home so dogs & cats loving 24/7 company.

I have done a mini service on the mx5 & the other 2 cars, my air compressor air valve manifold broke, with a dramatic whoosh, that made me jump, now waiting for replacement part. Next weekend I will do a coolant change on the mx5


Slightly late reply from me too!

The money pit is finally finished… I think, having spent another £780 in the garage (that £1600 of labour so far!)

It’s now running a full Meister fast road suspension setup having given up on the %^$^ HSD’s. Thats where most of the above labour charge came from!

The 6 speed box and new starter motor have been fitted and the two changes above have transformed the drivability of the car! The ratios were all wrong having fitted the 3.6 TorSen diff and it was horrid to drive!

I’ve changed the Speedo drive to match the Diff, so the speedo is now correct.

oil change, all brake fluid flushed and replaced. New wheels and tyres fitted and a days worth of detailing to the paint has brought it up a treat!

Now, if only I could drive the thing!

The only thing left to do is replace the RS*R Exmag exhaust for a 2.25 cobalt backbox to get rid of the annoying exhaust note and we are ready for the track!!


Good Afternoon,

Thankfully all of the major projects are now complete, however, my petrol powered post hole borer sadly did not last the distance, so the last 26 posts were set the old way, (dig hole, swear, hit post, swear etc etc).

As far as the MX5’s are concerned, I just have 1 left to clay bar and polish and that’s them all nice and shiny.

Tomorrow see’s the start of my least favourite job, strimming and tidying 100 metres of dyke and verge!

Planning a VE Day front garden street party for Friday with as many flags, buntings and other union flag goodies as we can gather. I think Jen has decided on a 3 course picnic + cheese and biscuits with Prosecco and Port to finish off, so let’s hope the weather stays good.

That’s about all my news for now.

Kind regards


Luckily my expenditure on my MX5’s has been fairly low over the last few months, just routine service work and garden runs, (my garden and paddocks are approximately 3 1/4 acres, so I can actually drive them without leaving home, that helps keep them in reasonable shape, but, like everyone else I can’t wait to get out and have a good long drive around the lanes close to home.

I was planning on replacing the whole exhaust on my Mk2.5 for a twin outlet unit and sport cat from MX5 parts, but decided to wait for a bit until this lockdown is over.

Other than that, its just the normal bits and bobs that occupy my time.

Kind regards


Hi Barry and Jenny it’s Harry hope all is well in these strange times cant wait to get out and about and meet up again as soon as we all can.


Good Afternoon

Good to hear from you my friend, how are you keeping? well I hope? As you so rightly said, these are very strange times indeed. I am in lockdown for another 4 weeks as I am considered an ‘at risk’ person, so am confined to jobs around the house and land, plus, cleaning and polishing the cars. Thankfully Jen has been hard at work in the kitchen baking all sorts of delicious cakes, scones, bread and croissants, which is nice!
Hopefully we can all meet up in the near future over fish and chips and a pint .

Take care and stay safe

Barry and Jenny

My Mk3.5 went for service and MOT today and come home with a nice new Certificate, so all ready for the off when the ‘all clear’ is sounded, just the RF in July for service and then we are done for the year. Look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Best Wishes

Barry and Jenny

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Hi Barry and Jenny and everyone else
Hope you are all keeping well and safe.
We had sorn “Little Blue” for the last couple of months (1st time ever of doing this) but decided with all the sunshine she needed to come out of the garage and have a run, so we taxed her from 1 June and as we both had Monday off work we had a lovely drive to Sheringham .
Andy was very happy to be behind the wheel again !!
Best Wishes
Andy and Jo

Hi Andy and Jo

Sadly, I am in the ‘at risk’ category, so still have another 2 weeks of my sentence to serve, however, as soon as the all clear is given we will be making our way up to Wells or Sheringham to breath in the lovely sea air. Was it busy at Sheringham today? I suspect mid week is always going to be a better bet than weekends.
In the meantime we have been working away at home, the last of the ‘big’ jobs will be finished by the end of the week, so looking forward to getting out and about.

Best Wishes
Barry and Jenny

Hi you two.

I hope this finds you both well, and Jenny hasn’t killed you yet…

Sheringham was fine on Monday we did the walk from pretty corner all the way around, some 7 miles through the woodland park into town along the cliff tops past the golf course over the rail line up into the country park and back to the car for a picnic at Pretty corner it was wonderful.

Most people we met behaved very well giving each other plenty of space, lots of smiles and thank yous to go around, same couldn’t be said for Hunstanton unfortunately, so I would give that a miss for now.

If you are planning to use the coast road check your route as some of the roads between Wells and Stiffkey have been closed.

Hope to see you soon stay safe

Andy And Jo xx

Good Evening One and All

With Boris giving us a tentative ‘all clear’ from 06th July do you think we might be able to hold our July monthly gathering as scheduled? Not perhaps an indoor meeting as might normally be the case, I was thinking perhaps a re-hash of a previous run to the coast? that way we can enjoy the long evenings and get some mileage in and have some take away Fish and Chips. What do you think?

Keep well and keep safe,

Barry and Jenny

folks, I’ll pass on the same message as I have to Ady on here ref a potential Suffolk meet at the Manger.

As it stands we are still trying to work our way through the guidance to see if it’s permitted for the Club to undertake a formal meet. Mean time, as you refer, do we know the venues are going to re-open? If it is, and if we can run a meet, then at very least we should check with them that they are happy to receive a Club meet. Watch this space I think.

The rules for pubs still require 2m distance (1m with mitigation) and maximum group of 6 out side, and only 2 households meeting inside, now how you apply that we are trying to work out,
In the absence of an AC Eastern meet folks please need to keep an eye on the Forum for direction from the Club, or if meet coordinators want it direct drop an email to pmckay@mx5oc.co.uk th Club AC liason, and he will be able to keep you posted.

Hi all

Jill and daughter are working from home, I have not stopped going to work brought a harley just before lock down , so take that one day, next day, Mx5, then the Vauxhall insignia, my mums car battery started to go flat so take the as well some, days, sweepstakes going on at work to see what I turn up in next.

On another note jill has taken up growing vegetables and baking cakes and scones.

We need to get out there guys, hope we can all meet up soon.

Steve and jill