West Norfolk Monthly Meeting 22nd August 8pm Fish and Chip Run

Hi everyone,

Another monthly meeting rolls into view, the year is hurtling past!

This months route to Sunny Hunny kindly provided by Mick and Lynne , the slight difference being that due to the high summer season, our normal venue The Waterside, can’t accommodate us.

So it could be fish and chips from the paper (always tastes better anyway I think) and a seat in the bus shelter for the meeting (not for the first time) or we’ll just make it up as we go along (no change there then!)

Leaving The Winch at 7pm and arriving at the front car park as usual as near to 8pm as we can.

Hope the weather picks up again and see you there.

Kuff and Muff 


We’ll be there, hopefully in time to make the run, if not, will see you at Hunstanton

Phil & Jen

Ah Riva-dirchey Phillapino, you and Jennevia return from Italiano you romantic fool you 

See you in Hunstanitanio for spaghetti and chips 

Kuffiano and Muffimenio 


If you could just confirm that’s its Mick and LYNNE doing the run we will come,

Mick and Lynne !!!

Hi Kev and Mat

Would you kindly add Jen and I to the ‘list’.

We have just got back from Wells, we tried the coast road, but the traffic was bl–dy awful, in the end it took almost 2 hours to get there, (even using some of the less obvious roads, courtesy of the geographical knowledge gained as part of the MX5 experience), hopefully better on the 22nd.

See you next week.

Barry and Jenny

Whoops sorry my bad  corrected as we speak. 

Sorry Nick and Lynne 


You should know better this time of year - coast road? Nightmare 

see you Weds 




Unfortunately can’t make the chip run on Wed as Andy is away for work - and he has a new exhaust !!


See you for the run to Bressingham


Andy and jo


Will try and make it to Hunstanton and can then collect the gear for storage if you want

Andrew & Hilly 

Hi Jo, okey dokey let’s hope his new pipe is polished and ready to go for Bressingham then 

Kev and Mat 


Hi Andrew, glad you can make it.

Should we hold onto the gear until we know if anyone takes up Karl’s offer of a stand at the National? 



It’s food, I’m in!!

If I can’t make the Winch, where are we meeting for grub?

The Bear, no Ape as she’s working.

Good point happy for you to hold onto it  :-) 



Hey up Mr Bear, good question to which I don’t know the answer and as we can’t make the run but will meet for food I’d like to know as well 

Ill call Mat when we get there and then I can let you know as well, but in fairness meet at the normal car park and wait for an MX5 to turn up 

See you tomorrow! 


Mick / Lynne

Great run last night, perfect combination of fast flowing roads and twisty tight lanes, coupled to beautiful Norfolk scenery, couldn’t have been better.

Many thanks for a really enjoyable night.

kind regards

Barry and Jenny

Thank you for your kind comments, glad you enjoyed it.
We love coming to Norfolk.
Lynne and Mick