West Norfolk Monthly Meeting 24th January 8pm

Hi all,

This meeting, hot after the Christmas meal, back at The Winch for more fun and frolics, or other ‘f’ associated language as it’s the Bears Quiz 

So turn up either tooled up, tanked up or worked up because you sure won’t be fed up if previous quizzing is anything to go by!

Should be errrrrrrrrr … Interesting 

Happy New Year  

Kev and Mat 


What a cheek!! The quiz will run as smooth as silkI now have all the questions ready so here is the order for the quiz.

8pm… Chat amongst yourselves, get drinks…lots of drinks!!!

8-30pm listen to Kev’s ramblings as normal, or Mat’s depending if he can spell

8-31pm bored of ramblings so the quiz will begin with question 1

8.31-8-52pm argue amongst yourselves, any punches must be above waist height, anyone who’s vertically challenged a stool is provided.

8-53pm Question 2

8-53 & 25 secs I’ve legged it, talk amongst yourselves!!

The Bear.

We must be mad, we do a 90 mile round trip for this.


He wouldn’t do it for you know! 

Be good to see you though and hear all about the new abode 



Hi Kev

Gotta get me some of dat x 2

Please add Jen and Myself

See you Saturday


These are long sentences and very biggly words for you. 

Have you had help with this, I don’t think you have capacity to do this on your own 

Anyway you legging it will be slower than a slow thing that’s been to slow school, so if you’re looking for a quick exit I’d bring the mob scooter  

See you Sat Bear Boy 




Count us in - sounds like the normal quiz fun   

Andrew & Hilly

You’re in Barry and Jen 


Yep sounds like it to me too 



We’ll be there 

After running the last 2 quizzes with Martin, it will be good to be giving the abuse to the quizmaster, rather than being on the receiving end of it 

See you tonight!

Phil & Jen

Brian? Receiving end? something waiting to be said there 

Wonder if he’s bought £20 of cock soup for the prizes? 

See you both tonight. 


I thought you’d pick up on that 


Haha, you two are so funny, still that’s last place sorted. The fund as things stand is £15 not £20, but a few more peeps tonight at the meal will hopefully be a little more skint. See you later kids

Thanks for turning out tonight folks, great evening full of the normal banter and fun!

Thanks to Brian, with assistance from April, for providing tonight’s quiz  very entertaining for all of us and some well though out questions with some very obscure answers. 

Anyway thanks again now off to bed where Liz will take 1 min to turn the light off, where I have not a chance of firing a shotgun but will definitely be looking to soak some testicles in a mug of water 

See you either on the Seal Run, Scalextric event or next months meeting.

Kev and Mat 


Be careful what you do with that West Indian plant as well Kev… 

Thanks Brian & April for the quiz, great evening out as usual 

Phil & Jen

Sounds like Kev may have had a very entertaining night last night Just think Kev, another 62 hours mate and the transformation from boy to man will be complete!!

I am also a little concerned with Phil and Jen, they were the only couple who knew what the West Indian whatyamacallit thing was, wonder how they knew that!!

Thanks to all for the support last night, haven’t laughed so much in ages, great night. I guess I will have to trawl more spurious sites for questions for the next quiz now, my browser history? Well lets just leave it there!!

Many thanks to Brian and April for organising a really fun evening. 

I can’t remember the last time we laughed so much.


Barry and Jenny

Thanks for organising a good fun quiz - enjoyed guessing the answers - even when they were wrong !!

Brilliant evening

Andy and Jo 

Thanks Brian & April for a great quiz.

Would love to know what you were searching for on the computer when you came up with cactus question. 

Great night as always.