West Norfolk Monthly Meeting Weds 18th December 8pm

Evening all,

Notification of this months earlier than normal meeting at The Winch - squeezed in because the normal meeting would be on Christmas Day 

Phil and Jen (with possibly Martin as well, dunno?) have very kindly offered to provide some entertainment with a quiz, which will probably provoke the normal challenges and general mayhem that normally occurs, so should be good fun. 

Also heard a rumour there could be some seasonal pastries flying around as well  not to be missed.

So hopefully see you there.

Kev and Mat 

Hi Kev & Mat

Mags & Myself are going to have to miss the Christmas Meal as I have done my back, cannot drive at moment.

Sorry John


Hi Kev and Matt

Please put Jen and myself down for next Wednesday’s meeting.

Catch up on Saturday at the Fffffffolkes

Ta Ta


Hi Kev and Matt


We will be there for the meeting, quiz, chat and nibbles


Any look forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday for the meal


Andy and Jo


Hi John - sorry to hear that - I hope you are soon back to normal - thanks for letting me know.


Great night - thanks to Phil, Jen and Martin for the evenings entertainment with providing a very interesting quiz 

Also thanks to Liz and Mix for the pastries and puffs 

And thanks to everyone for turning out on what was a damp night.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Peaceful New Year.
See you in the 20’s  

Kev and Mat  

Kev / Matt

Really enjoyable night at The Winch, so, many thanks to Phil, Jen, Martin and Wendy for the entertainment and apologies to Ralph and Viv for my advanced ‘muppetry’ on the film titles.

also, many thanks to Liz and Mix for the pies and savouries.

Very sad, but fully understand your decision(s) to relinquish the joint co-ordinators role(s).

Having been chair of The West Anglia Safety Group for 6 years, I know the commitment it takes to try and please most of the members for the majority of the time, (something I thought you did particularly well, whilst retaining your sense of humour).

Warmest Wishes and a Happy Christmas to you all.

Barry and Jenny

Bit late posting, but thanks to everyone who came along for the quiz - I think everyone enjoyed it and I don’t think the questions were too hard this time?!

Big thanks to Liz & Mix for the goodies to eat and to Kev & Mat for being great meet co-ordinators over the last 5 years. You took over not long after we started coming to the meet and it’s always been worth the long drive over, even on a miserable night in winter.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone, see you all in 2020!

Phil & Jen