West Norfolk Monthly Meeting Weds 26th Feb 8pm

Hi all - seems that suddenly we’ve changed to the ‘new format’ - which if you ask me - it’s a complete pile of pants - struggled to even find our area let alone be able to post the correct details in the header - like where the meeting is to be held!
So it’s at The Winch, 70 Main Road, West Winch, Kings Lynn PE33 0LY.
Ok - rant over :rage:

Hope you can make the Feb meeting as Mel and Adam are doing a Mystery Cake Quiz, not a quiz about cakes (I hope) but a Mystery Cake as the prize :blush:

Hopefully yesterday’s smattering of the white stuff will be long gone and you can get along.

You needn’t bothering replying to this post as I’m not sure I can find it again to check it out anyway :thinking: - the price of progress … or not :man_shrugging:

Kev and Mat

Hi Kev and Mat

Agree with you on the website, it’s a pile of poo!

Jen and I will be with you on the 26th.

Kind regards



We will be there - anything to do with cake :slight_smile:

Andrew & Hilly

Hi Kev & Mat,

We will have to give it a miss this month due to early starts at work, plus looks like the A47 will be closed again!

Hopefully see you in March :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Phil & Jen

Hi Kev & Matt,
Sorry but we can’t make the meeting tonight work has got in the way of the Fun & Frolics again.
We hope you all have a great evening!
Ralph & Viv.

PS - the new website is great if you like to mix colour and confusion!

Many thanks to Adam and Mel for providing tonight’s, er, confusion, enlightenment, head scratching, mind blowing entertainment - the cake looked fantastic - it was the nearest I got to it - looking from afar :joy:
Thanks everyone for turning out and see you all next month at The Winch :blush::blush:

Kev and Matt