What do you reckon?

My local Main Dealer has a couple of pre-reg Sports in with all the options.

These were registered by the dealer in July as 08 Plates, obviously to receive their bonus from Mazda.

They have been sat there since then, unsold, unloved and over-priced.

We are soon to be on the 09 Plate, and worse (for the Dealer) - a new facelifted MX5!

These cars are going to look very old very soon.

If I venture in in Xmas week, what offer should I slap on the table?

Cash price, I take the car away for Xmas … I would obviously ask for the 3 years free servicing, but thats cheap for them. The cars will only have 18 months warranty left.

I’m a bold Yorkshireman, I have no fear whatsoever when haggling - how much?


Big Pete

What is the screen price on a new Sport Pete?

A freind of mine has just bought a new (unreg) 40th anniversary RX8 Retail £24K for £17500 OTR.  So I would say working on a Sport being about £20K and it’s registered 08 and going on this http://www.mazdausedcarlocator.co.uk/control.cfm?MREQ=app_viewVehicleDetails&StockListID=688600 £16 K would be a fair offer and if you got it at that price


 Thanks for the reply - I may have a shock for you?

 The screen price is £15,991 … no need to pay anywhere near that I would presume?

A new Sport with BOSE and Climate is £16,200 - this is brand spanking new with BOSE and Climate, add to this the fact that it would be a 09 Plate, would come with 3 years free servicing, 3 years 0% Finance and anything else you can get thrown in.

This is why the Dealer cannot sell a 08 Plate for £15,991 - even if it only has 10 miles on it.

I was thinking about putting them out of their misery and taking one off their hands for £14,000?

Jeez, I thought they were close to 20K [:$] in that case then £14K is a fine offer on your part.  I am looking at swinging up to £13K on a second hand one in march, a bit more saving could have me on an almost new…


The 1.8 is £16K Pete This from the website MX-5 2.0i Sport £19,050     

Bose/climate “Climate control air and premium BOSE® audio system with 6-CD autochanger, seven speakers, a digital amplifier with four channels of customised equalisation switching automatically between top up and top down** £1,115.00” ** 2.0 Sport only

Making £20,165.00 so if they are Sports I would say just shy of 16K is a good price… 14 would be excellent though [;)]

Pete is right that through a broker like DrivetheDeal you can get a brand new 58 Dealer supplied 2.0i Sport with Bose etc for £16200 including free servicing etc…so £14K sounds like a fair offer for an 08. Go for it…

Thanks, I knew I was right with the £16,200 … I think nice butt is looking at the List Prices, maybe?

It’s cheaper, of course, without BOSE and Climate … I need to ask myself if I want them and what am I prepared to pay for them? You could argue quite convincingly that a basic SPORT price is all you should focus on - certainly the Dealers tell you that when you Part-Exchange, the options are not worth much!

So, a Basic SPORT from DriveTheDeal is £15,227 brand new 58 Plate. Remove the VAT from that (as they are now secondhand cars) and you have £12,563.

My earlier guess at a £14,000 offer is now looking like plain stupidity! Maybe I should try £13,000? Add £450 for the BOSE and Climate?

Going one step further, why not just get a 2.0 Option Pack? New they are £13,920 OTR.

Questions, questions …

Indeed I was… Mazda website.  It’s no wonder the 2nd hand price of them is so low though, a quick look on Autotrader shows a 56 plate 20k miles for 8 grand… I know where my money will be going.

Nice prices on new though Pete.  Didn’t know those sites existed… Doh. Probably could have saved even more when I bought my RX8 [:S]

They are very cheap secondhand now. The dealers still ask silly money - but not one has sold as far as I can see for months.

[:D] working in our favour then… stroll on March I shall have my Mk3

Are you talking about getting a pre-facelift model at a huge discount?

Without doubt, they will be the bargains of the Sports Car world,

 GM will have folded by then and other Car Manufacturers begging for sales.

I think that you should decide in your mind what is a reasonable price, which you would be prepared to pay. Then offer less, and let him talk you up a little bit - so if you’re prepared to pay £14k, offer £12k. Be ready to walk away when they reject it, but listen for a compromise.

 Good luck. Claude

Cash price? I always used to ask in shops “what will you take for cash?” now about the only place it works is flea markets or various collector fairs.   It is funny isn’t it! I paid cash for my MX5 but the dealer would have preferred a card. A good cross section of retailers simply don’t want to take cash as it costs them money to bank it

Eastern Region members received an e-mail this weekend from a local dealer (EMG in Cambridge) offering a 30% ‘friends and family’ discount on MX-5 models (including the Roadster Coupe).

A potential saving of over £5000 on the 2.0 Sport Coupe.

Also attached was the bizarre buy one get one free offer…

Buy a Maxda CX-7 and get a Mazda 2 FREE - there’s a sign of the times!!!

The Dealer has just cut the price by £500 … is that just an effect of the VAT drop?

Slightly more than 2.5% Pete… go and offer them 11K now [H]

I know you jest, but - £11k may well be what they take in January!

First post.

 I was thinking the same thing about taking advantage of the current climate. I was going to buy in Feb or Mar but I imagine there are some dealers just ready to deal.


Car Dealers give you nothing in good times - get what you can while they are struggling I say!! :slight_smile: