What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2)

Zune sport grille (OK, it’s been on this car twice, but first time on this bumper due to an errant deer…)

Cobalt II back box

Gear knob with 3d printed spacer

Had a few days off you see…

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Full service today at Mazda Swansea.

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Not just today but over the last two days (some were rally purchases) I have fitted:


And I have just realised in my post last week about my new steering wheel and boots I failed to mention the aero kit and lowering springs I had had fitted!


Touché, I fitted my sequential led indicator kit yesterday, purchased from the show. The box I picked up from MX5 Parts was a genuine set with the E stickers, it was the last genuine set left and all the other boxes were plain, same price as well :+1:

There was me foolishly thinking that buying my NB 2.5 2005 1.8 Icon some purpose built front rubber matts to protect her carpets when Battery Dead
So…Ordered new Panasonic via MXparts today and I consider that an achievement :joy:

And follow up purchases that sold out/weren’t available at the rally but arrived today and have now been fitted:

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patiently waiting on my rally puchases… my credit card anxious for the order being confirmed

Looks excellent and much classier!

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Is that exhaust box as loud as it looks? :flushed:

Finally got my special edition badge to replace ‘skyactiv’ badge on rear.
Fitted new spoiler and other new gloss black badges over last week.


Maybe… :angel:

Oooh nice. Where did you get the new rear badge from?

Sent u an email :smiley:

Looks fab!
Can I ask which spoiler you got, and how easy was it to fit?

Spoiler is one lots have fitted as an alternative to the basic oem lip spoiler. Item number 325730747148 on ebay. Very good gloss black finish. Alot of people including me havent drilled onto boot lid and have just stuck it on with 3M VHB tape (not the cheaper tape supplied).
Heres a link to a guide i used to fit mine https://youtu.be/XTPKhNT96wo?si=ynJ_hU20yOBZFAgy.

Im very happy with mine!

As Jeremy Clarkson would say……‘I’ve done a thing !’ :grin:


Picked it up and driven home, unfortunately a wet trip so first job was to wash it. Second job was to fit a Roadie windblocker, very easy to do.


Do you have a part number/MPN or link for those please?


Thanks - I think I’ve got some shopping to do :slight_smile: