What have you done to your MX-5 today?

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Hi All

I did a search and couldnt find anything like this… 

I’ve seen this kind of threads on other car forums and it can make intresting reading once members get a feel for it - its just a bit of fun

So…I thought I would start this thread to see what people have done to thier MX5’s

OK hope you get the idea…I will start:


Had a look through the MX5 Parts.co.uk catalogue for blingy engine chrome bits…


Fitted my flocked instrument cowl

 I’ve driven mine… and enjoyed every minute…

Thought how clean it was, driven it fast, then been sad cos I’ve been made redundant this afternoon and will probably have to sell it Cry

Received a s/h intermittant wiper stalk thro’ the post
drove her to telford - watched film - re-fuelled (ouch) and drove home enthusiastically Big Smile

 Two weeks ago my wife’s Merc burst into flames for no obvious reason and burnt out my beloved 5 parked next to it. Today I accepted the insurance company’s offer which means I’m going shopping at the week-end - for another 5 of course.

You should have asked me this question last Tuesday and I would have said ‘wrote of my 5’Cry

If you’d asked me the question on the Wednesday i’d have said ‘I bought another one’ Big Smile (courtesy of two generous sons)

put through m.o.t, passed with nothing wrong Party

Stared longingly through the garage window as I returned home after a week away…she gets started tomorrow Wink

Sorry to hear of so much bad news from people above Sad

 Bought a new rear bumper

 one of these

Fitted these polished aluminium control rings;


Control Rings

I whinged and whined at hubby to stop doing other peoples body work and respray bob coz hes already for his paint and its been bleedin ages and i miss him Cry

but on a good note ive just bought another mk1 and hes going to be called bernard- not been on the road for a while and had ignition ripped out but has got some nice bits and was a bargain Big Smile



NOOOOOOOOOO You cant sell it Vicky or well both be 5 less. Sorry to hear of your redundancy & good luck finding a new job!

As for my 5 i drove it for the last time yesterday to put some petrol in for the new owner who picks it up tomorrow  Cry

 got my membership pack - just need the car - roll on tomorrow

Waving hi all

I’ve had a busy day with the roadster… Ordered new speakers off ebay, changed a bulb on the side light to get it through its MOT, took it for its MOT but it failed on a steering gaiter and imbalanced brakes. Ah well - couldve been worse not too expensive - so she’s being retested on Monday. I enjoyed blasting the cobwebs out on the way to the MOT (was worried about emissions and it seemed to do the trick!!)

 Insured it

 So far today - put the battery on charge after leaving the lights on yesterday then coming out at 4:30 to find she wouldn’t start. Finally left work at 5 once I’d found some jump leads and someone willing to get me started.

Once the battery has had a few hours (and the sun melts the ice) I’m going to pull down the drive into the sunshine, then it’s the first bath of 2011.


Changed the gear lever turret boots and bush.

Feels like a brand new car.

 Removed the hard top and thrashed it. Dancing