What Type of Tool is This?

Hopefully I manage to attach the photos of the tool which I need identified but apologies if I haven’t. We found this while tidying out our garage and have no idea where it came from or what it is for???

It’s definitely not an MX5 tool hence this post being in this part of the forum :slight_smile:


Oooooo, good game!

It’s not an old version of a pair of of these is it?


Some kind of closing tool.

There’s a lot of Pliers on there Robbie…which one do you think fits the bill?

Saz9961 - a closing tool for what? Something to do with circlips came to our mind but the brass section rules that out I think?

A tool for shaping different size wire rings, as in jewellery, perhaps.

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The first pair with the concave part. Are there any markings on them?

Well, first off, they’re German made!


Ring bending pliers maybe as per Dave208… but with an extra function for something.

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Looks like a gecko that is happy to see me :smile:

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No markings at all i’m afraid. That certainly would have helped!

Ah, well spotted! I missed that, there’s a pyramid graphic as well.

A Google search for ring bending pliers throws up a few similar looking tools

No idea, but my workshop won’t be complete until I find one of those…

Yes, I’ve been having a search but not much luck at the moment! TBH, it’s quite interesting :smiley:


Yes, very similar. Maybe it has more than one use as it has an extra appendage at the top which is notched as is the moving bit in the middle.

What’s its action?

The action of the pliers moves the middle section towards the brass grooved bit and away from the notched top bit. Only the middle bit moves so the outer sections keep a static distance.

So it could stretch a ring or shape a ring in theory.

Yes, it could. The middle and top section notches are facing away from each other so something could be stretched there and the brass section would be the shaping bit. I’ve never had a DIY job that I wished I’d had it for that’s for sure.

Throw it away, then you will…