wheel rim width?

Hi there, i’m currently looking for a new set of alloys for my mk1. I’m pretty much set on 15" but i’m wondering which rim width to go for. Which is best and what difference does it make. Any info would be gratefully recieved, cheers

 Currently running 15x6.5 with toyo proxes 195/50, best combination ive found yet. Have tried 16x7 but handling/road manners poor. Hope this helps.

 15x7 are good with a 195/50  after that you really need a wider tyre

Totally agree, 7Jx15" and a 195/50/15 is optimal in terms of handling, cost and choice of tyres. If you can find 7.5Jx15" then the 205/50/15 gives a softer ride but 195/50/15 will ultimately give better turn-in and handling generally.

Thanks for the info folks, very much appreciated