Where have you been in your MX-5 today?

Whilst waiting for the parts man to come back to me with availability and prices I often peruse Millcars Watford show room stock, I think the salesman knows better than to waste his time on some ruffian wearing shorts ‘n’ sandles without socks in the middle of January. Congrats on your new ND :sunglasses: :+1:

Test run of the new acrylic windblocker to Cotswold Airport (once RAF Kemble for us oldies) lunch in the AV8 cafe and posing by the ex-BA 747.


That’s a nice saving.! Everyone should have one new car sometime in their life. We got ours out of the way with a cheap Citreon AX thirty years ago.
Despite having the moola, I just can’t rid myself of my upbringing. I still drive miles to avoid car parking charges :slight_smile:

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We have had 3 new cars, a Frontera (I know) a Nova GTE (loved it) and a BMW Mini Cooper 3 cylinder turbo, that was 2017 and that was a car that was going to see us into retirement until we bought a 20 year NB 1.6, we then sold the Mini and bought the current ND (my wife did write an article in the mag about that). I vowed that I would never buy a new car again as the loss was hard to swallow, but I did need that ND. So here we are again buying a new car, but it’s the wife’s fault, she liked the colour, discount and the price they gave us on the Icon. It’s not my fault, I am not to blame ma lord. :grin:

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What’s life for if not to enjoy it, but based on the evidence presented you’re definitely guilty as charged. :grin:

Been to work. Car on stands in what we refer to as pit lane ready for engine, gear and diff oil change. Front brake pads later.


This purchase was unusual as it’s normally saying I think we should maybe start looking at changing the car, then having a battle with the Sergeant Major having to justify the change. This time however she was right in there, saying I like this, I wonder how much they would give us part ex, and I was quite happy to keep the Icon, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth :wink:

We went out for a lovely drive through the Peak District. Over to Buxton, then a gorgeous drive across the A54 towards just south of Macclesfield (thank to @Wardy5 for the tip). And found a lovely pub (Rose & Crown) somewhere near Wildboarclough for a delicious pub lunch. We all spend so much time fettling our cherished MX5’s, and it is easy to forget the simple pleasure of driving them!


Both sliding caliper pins on offside we locked solid. If anyone has the same issue, and it could become quite an issue, I used WD40, a heat gun and some gentle persuasion with a 17mm socket to free them up.

First drive out of the year, took in some snake and woodhead, walk around ladybower, great day until I was shat on by a bird …… :smirk: , car felt great , happy days…


Muck for luck as they say, not a million miles from my neck of the woods

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I have an ND2 which i bought from a dealer in Surrey, however i live near Watford. It’s coming up to service and MOT time and i am considering either Milcars or the Mazda dealer in Harpenden. Recommendations?

I have an old NBFL and normally only go to Millcars Watford for copious quantities of parts to keep her in the best condition I can afford. The only time it has been in the workshop at Millcars Watford is when I turned up unanounced early one Saturday morning asking if someone could remove the locking wheel nuts which were damaged and beyond the use of the conventional key available to me. They had the job done with a summer check within an hour for which I was both impressed, grateful and more than happy to pay the hour rate it cost. Can only say as I find.

Thanks mate. Nice to know that a main dealer can be as accommodating as that.

To Buxton for lunch via Ashbourne and Bakewell on the way back.


Tesco and back, first startup for 6 weeks.

Odd smell from the heater.

Might be this:

Now this has been on for 4 years without getting crispy. From Sept 2020:

Either something has moved, or the exhaust is hotter than before. Quite possible the former, because Thrussington MX5 had everything in bits recently chasing down an emissions fault, and obviously the brackets are a bit homemade supporting the filter and ARC crossover pipe.

I joined up with the North West area group for their Valentines Day drive today. A lovely drive through Lancashire, skirting the Trough of Bowland and Pendle Hill. Terrific fun!


Just a ten miler to keep anything from seizing up.
Hood down is so good; you go from feeling like a foetus to something mighty……

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Just to work but couldn’t resist a photo when the temp went from 9c to 8 :ok_hand:


Just going off to Folk Club in my ND - Love driving it at night, with the top down. Hope it’s not raining!