Where is the Section for NA ITB Tuning

Welcome NickNock,
I would suggest you contact Bofi Racing and they will sort you with all the advice you need. If you were a MX5OC member you will get discount :wink: on the parts you purchase from them.

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This is what ITBs are for !!!


Good read man I adore a good itb build, also a fan of the slow build as my project is taking an eternity

Got any photos of the setup?

Hi all, thanks for bumping this thread into view Benji93. This is very interesting.

DickieRltd, do you mind if I dm you and pick your brains please?


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I see g19 are developing a plenum kit to run itbs with their turbo kit, wonder if thatl come any time soon, I’ve been considering getting another mx5 to itb to have along with mines which is 90% boosted I’ve just taken a step back as it was to take all winter :joy:

There’s quite a few good looking kits available now and it seems reasonably priced for the noise and bants that it entails