Where to buy the cursed water plug

Hi all, I have a slow leak at the back of the engine (1991 1.6) and I think it’s the cursed water plug. But I can’t find it anywhere online!!

Anyone have any ideas or a link?

A replacement jubilee would be good to!

Any help would be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried MX5 Parts?
You mention a jubilee clip so I assume you mean the usual rubber cap and not a core plug.

If this is leaking do you also have an oil leak softening it (CAS o-ring or cam cover), and also have you checked the nearby heater hose?

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Hi Richard, ahhh brilliant thank you! Thats the one. I couldn’t seem to see it on mx5parts.

Yeah it seems to be just water as it drips on the engine and steams off. I have checked the heater hoses and they seem ok to me. I’ll try this and see if it helps.