Which is quieter

Hi All,


spoke a few days ago about the MX5 parts single exit

stainless steel exhaust I purchased and was just to noisy.

very kindly MX5 parts have given me a full refund,


is the IL motor sport single exit exhaust quieter,

i have heard that the cobalt is fairly quiet but I would 

rather buy from MX5 Parts.


does anyone have any videos and does it drone between

1500-3000 rpm?


thanks in advance

In my opinion a stainless steel exhaust is nowhere near as quiet as a carbon steel system. To be fair any stainless steel system will always be noisy and tend to let you know it is there.

So the IL Motorsport is quieter? 




I had the MX5 parts exhaust for 5 years, then it cracked so I got a Cobalt one.


Both the MX5 parts one and Cobalt exhaust sound about the same level.



Here is a video of the Cobalt system:






And has anyone else got the IL motorsport exhaust that Mx5 parts sell?




No, its stainless steel, ergo, noisier than standard. Bosal aluminised steel system will be quiet.


Mongoose system is fairly quiet at speed, thanks to decent sized mid-box, but is no longer made. I’ve had a Mongoose system for about 20 years now; in that time, a rear silencer cracked, and the midpipe seams started to separate. All replaced FOC under the lifetime warranty. Stainless steel welds are fairly brittle, so its worthwhile insisting on a system with a long or lifetime warranty.


Racing Beat system will have a quality tone. Cobalt exhausts are fairly cheap, and it shows in the sound.

Will the MAZDA MX5 1989-1998; Racing Beat Power Pulse Single Tip Silencer Fit into the standard exhaust? 


If if it did that might be the best route to go down for me. Just backbox instead for CAT back



30 seconds searching on YouTube:




thats a mk3 Mx5,

mine is a mk1 Mx5 

If you want a quiet exhaust then just go to ATS or any other generic exhaust place and get a bog standard after market system.

Also, to help others help you it is worth putting details of your car in your profile signature.

ah soz, assumed you had a mk3.