White MK3 - over blinged

I spotted a white MK3 in Upton, Pontefract.
On initial spotting, it looked nice, until got close and it was like sticker central.

No disrespect to the ower, if that’s your thing, then that’s your thing, but to me, the car looked spoiled.
I got the impression that the owner may have bought a set of union jack stickers to place somewhere strategically, found that he had two that he didn’t know what to do with, so just stuck them on anyway.

A bit like a child when he gets a bag of stickers in a cornflakes packet and thinks that it’s a good idea to stick one on the TV.
I just got the impression that he thought ‘right, where can I put this, I know, ill stick it on the mx5’

There were stick-on bits like this all over the place.

Sorry if you’re on here, but what you’ve done is not for me.

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Was it not a 20th anniversary edition?

I don’t like that either if i’m being honest.

Owner probably could care less what anyone thinks.
Seen worse over the years.
Like mine for 6 months!

For stickers on an MX5 and other bits of interesting bling few will come close to the gloriously over the top Eunos of Mike Collar (RIP).
This pic taken at Elvington, April 2019.


I’ve never seen a 20ae in the flesh, always thought it looked okay from the images.

That’s what I call badge engineering!


How do you stop the teddybear from falling off the bonnet while driving, and doesn’t it reduce your forward visibility a little?

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Glued his asss.

He drives slooooow . . . .

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…that’s OK then…I had visions of a screw through the bonnet into the proverbial!

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Ouch, a new version of belt and braces, or a secondary fixing.