Who owned my car before then?

After 16 years of NA ownership I had to finally admit defeat (rust) and move on. I purchased an NC back in October and have loved owing it from day one. The other day when I was having a good look through the books etc that came with the car I noticed this card had been slipped in the pack.

It seems my NC was previously in the club, so out of curiosity I was wondering whether anyone knew who this was?

Edit your post to add the reg number. More likely for it to get spotted by the previous owner.

That card is left or given by existing owners to introduce them to the club. It may not necessarily be the owner of your car.

I joined in 2002 and my membership number is in the early 9000s so that person joined a while before me, more than likely a mk1 owner.

I know who it is and pretty sure they never owned your NC… :upside_down_face: