Whos ordered their MK3 (NC) facelift MX5 then ?

Anyone been into their Mazda dealer and put their name down yet ?  In fact do any of the dealers actually know anything about it yet ?


OH, the Dealers know all about it - you can bet your house on that!

They are not going to shout about it while they have ‘old style’ delivery mileage cars sitting in their back yards, are they?

My Dealer has a couple of pre-reg Sports, registered in July 2008, 10 miles on each - these are 08 Plates. We are about to enter the 09 Plate!

And when January arrives no-one will buy the ‘old style’ - especially if it has a 08 Plate on it! I’m not quite sure what they will do with them?

I am confused - I thought pre-reg meant they haven’t been registered yet, but you say they were registered in July 2008?

Pre-registered means the dealer has registered the car in their name prior to selling to a customer. The customer get a brand new, delivery mileage car but is in fact the 2nd owner.

Ah that makes sense - thanks! I think if I bought a new one I would want to be 1st registered owner!

And can save a bundle… I’m still not sure of the new shape nose, it looks like they have stuck an RX8 grill on it and the MX has always had such a nice grin…[:D]