Who's running ITBs?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NB__
  2. I’m based near: __Lincoln
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __ITBs

Hi all,
Just wondering how many folk are running ITBs on their cars?
I’m particularly interested in NB installations but would also like to hear everyone’s experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

Also, if anyone is sitting on a set gathering dust on a garage shelf then we should talk.

All the best and stay safe,


IIRC there is an MX5 throttlebody FB page.

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Hi DuratecNC, thanks for the tip. Looks like I need to start Facebooking :thinking:

For those of us who are yet to master Facebooking, anyone on here running ITBs?

Where is the Section for NA ITB Tuning - Technical Area / Forced Induction & ITB - MX-5 Owners Club Forum (mx5oc.co.uk)

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Thanks Richard, appreciate the link :+1:

I had an NB engine in a kit car, that had ITBs fitted. Sounded great but they didn’t add much performance. Jenvey ITBs I had fitted with a sausage filter. Aldon automotive did the remap and I had an Emerald K6 ecu. People used to fit bike throttle bodies because they are cheaper but a faff, the jenvey kit bolts straight on.
Bare in mind you need to get the velocity stacks into cold air or you will end up making less power than the air box you are replacing. You also have to play about with PVC and a few other things too.
I have run them on a NA and NB engine but next time I’d just go for a turbo. Not much more money and far greater reward.

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Great info MrBarry, thanks.
This is likely to sound weird but power is not a priority on my car.
I only use it on the road and even then only bimble about but I would like the induction note of ITBs to enhance the whole experience. I had twin 45DCOEs on a 2l Capri back in the day and they sounded wonderful. I’d like to recreate some of that on the Mazda if I can.
I’m more of a naturally aspirated fan than forced induction. I prefer the rort of ITBs to the whistle, chuckle, fart of a turbo or the high pitched whine of a supercharger. :grin:

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FB has it’s good and bad points that’s for sure!
There will be a few useful nuggets of info on there when you first use it.

4 velocity stacks poking thru the bonnet to gulp in cold air sound heavenly. It’s a base note mixed with all sorts of sounds you simply can’t explain. They sound nothing like an induction kit that’s for sure!

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