Why so much wasted space?

Seems kind of pointless to only use half a monitor…I don’t think my 19" monitor is particularly above the norm either, but then even when set to 1024x768 there are boarders on the left and right…
Also who decided Khaki didn’t clash with blue? :wink:

i just mentioned this in the wrong place [8-)]

Its like 4:3 on a 16:9 tv


 I agree.

 It’s to stop people putting pics on that are too big [;)]

Its was all to do with styling it to fit in with Club website, but I agree, it is a waste of space and no doubt we will change it at some point.  Not top of the list yet though…

That needs kicking into the 21 century as well then [;)] Just because Virgin Media claimed that their (4:3 when lauched) channel Virgin 1 was the “future of television”  is no reason to return to 4:3 [;)]

 I agree space is wasted with the borders, which gets more pronounced the larger your monitor or the higher your resolution.

33.5 cm on my screen [N]

Hi halli, what’s the privacy issue, you have?

 User’s full name is displayed in thelower status bar when you put the arrow on the user name like this:

 The issue is being addressed and should be fixed soon, hopefully (as I can’t access the member’s area using this guest log in)