Wind deflector

Hi peps. Can anyone recommend me a wind deflector please? Are these worth having? I’ve seen on ebay that you can one connected to a roll hoop. Does anyone know if these work?

Any help would be grateful. Thanks in advance



I got one of these and it works very well, surprising how much difference having a windbreak makes, especially during the winter when you need it more.


yep i have one of the above … VV Good


Cheers guys. Are they easy to fit?



Very … Just two bolts… well acutually the hoodcover fixings to undo and bobs your uncle

Cheers fergy



Might be a stupid question guys, but for the windstop in the link up near the top of the page, would you need to have a roll bar to be able to fit it? Or could you fit to a car without a roll bar??


With or Without

Excellent. [:D] I can feel a purchase coming on. How exactly do they fix to the car though? (on a mk1)? Anybody have any experience with these - do they work well, flutter at speed etc??


Any comments appreciated guys.

They attach using the hood cover popper bolts, you take one out each side and then bolt on the brackets using the popper bolts. At each end of the blocker are bolts that can be tightened to stiffen the hinge. also you can push it further forward to touch the headrests. The air will push the blocker forward rather than backward anyway.

here a pic of one on my car

Cheers Fergy, pics always help!

 Definately going to get my order in, especailly at that price. I’d considered making one myself but for 40eur frankly its not worth the hassle. Many thanks for your help with that!

Just to add, no need to worry about the delivery from abroad.

I ordeded mine and had it within a couple of days [:D]

I have a 1.8 94 Eunos with the the rear brace behind the seats will this item fit?? Just looks like the bolts are directly below the brace bar and therefore the deflector would have to be angled forward??? It might look abit silly???

Not a problem - the “hinge” is actually a short bar on each side which allow the blocker to sit vertically behind the brace just touching it and allow it to fold almost flat.  Highly recommended.

Re Wind Deflector AKA Windstop. Have a loom at website called Based in Belgium they supply a good range of MX5 goodies including what they call a Windbloker. I bought one for my Mk1, five minutes to fit and only cost just over £60 delived in 48 hours. Does the job as good as a £100 plus kit.