Windblockers and style bars

 I am still fairly new to the MX-5 world having had my 53 late Mk 2.5 for only five weeks, which I just love to drive on a nice twisty road. I am waiting to get some better weather before I wip off the hardtop. I have seen pictures of windblockers fitted to many cars - what excatly is their purpose and do I need one? Also do you have to use them with a style bar, or are these just for show - they are bviously NOT roll bars? 



 When you drive with the roof down as the airflow goes over the windscreen, you get a turbulent effect that causes the air to curl in backwards into the cabin area.  You see the effect sometimes with those who have long hair, it blows from behind their head and around their face.

A windblocker is fitted as standard.  You may have one unless it has been removed. It sits behind the seats and is fitted just below where the seatbelts upper mounting is bolted. The standard one is a board that runs the width of the car.  It has a fold up section that you manually raise when you have the hood down.  It reduces, or “blocks” the swirling backdraft that I described above when it is raised.

Here’s one that is currently on ebay

If you fit a style bar, (which are generally just for show and would do little if you rolled the car) then often they sit in the same position in the cabin behind the seats as the standard windblocker, which means that you would have to remove the standard windblocker if you want to fit a stylebar.  You would then either have to fit a non standard one, which are available, make your own, or go without and have the wind in your hair.

Hope that helps.

 I am not aware that it already has one - certainly one is not fitted unless it is lurking under the folded roof (it has had a hardtop fitted for quite some time). I guess that home made ones will look naff so maybe a ‘proper’ one will be in order. Thanks for the ebay link.

However, as I have little hair, maybe I won’t actually need one LOL!

 The OE windblocker is not that good i have found,a good after market one will do the job much better,you can also get a windblocker and style bar in one,so the best of both.