Windscreen washer refurb & tubing size

I have a Eunos 1995 V-Spec

I’ve had to replace a windscreen washer nozzle and when looking at the whole of the washer system have noticed how dirty the tubing etc looked so i thought i would replace the tubing and or clean the reservoir.
There appears to be masses of tubing out there on the internet but they all seem to vary in interior or exterior sizes. Having measured my replacement nozzle the tubing would seem to measure 7/32 or 5.5mm interior .

Can anyone confirm this or direct me to or supply a link to a product that they have already used successfully.

Apologies if not posted in the correct part of Technical

Thanks Steve

I’m also interested to know.

I have a feeling that 5mm internal / 7mm external diameter silicone tube will be the right stuff, but it would be good to have it confirmed (or corrected).

I have just bought the 4.7mm tubing from the dreaded Halfords for £3. They have 2 products - the other is a smaller ID and costs £7.67, but of course in store they are all irrespective of mm priced at £7.67.
I bought online so i could be sure which one I got.

I finally found a thread on the Miata site which matched the 4.7mm size so i took the plunge. We’ll see if I’m right when i fit it.


Having now bought the 4.7mm tubing I set to work to refurbish the windscreen washer system.
Strip out the tubing making sure I had made a diagram of the tubing runs and where the clips are that hold it to bonnet.
Undo the power connection
Remove the reservoir via the 2 x 10mm bolts which hold it to the bulkhead. You have to twist the reservoir 90degrees to extract it because of pipes that are in the way of vertical removal. You also have to empty it somehow or expect a mess.
Pull out the pump from the base of the reservoir
In the sink remove all the dirt and grime that accumulates over the years (27 in my case) from the reservoir. This is fiddly but lengthening a half inch brush with a bit of stick/ gaffer tape will enable this to be done. I was was pleased how clean it was after some effort.
Cut lengths of tubing to match the old.
Clips and nozzles are available at MX5 Parts if you break any
Nozzle replacement - V shaped clip on the stem holds it in place. Use pointy nose pliers to pinch the clip and push upward. You may need some heat from a hair dryer to make the clips more pliable. Clips on 27 year old cars tend to break very easily
Replace all and job is done - 2 hours top whack. No more gunge in nozzles and no more greeny black tubing.