Wireless CarPlay - ND2

  1. My model of MX-5 is: ND 2 - 2018
  2. I’m based near: Duxford IWM

I recently saw this advertised on Aliexpress after reading up on similar devices on Miata website in the U.S.

It was £60 with VAT, post free.


This arrived today, about 3 weeks before the estimated delivery date. Came from China.

The package was very nice, almost (not quite) Apple standard boxing, but very professional.

Inside was the small device, two USB leads and an instruction manual with the smallest print I have seen. Without my reading glasses, it could have been heirogryphics. Luckily, the manual wasn’t really necessary.

I plugged the usb-c connector into the device and the usb-a plug into the wired carplay socket on the ND and tucked the device into the cubby gap. The extra lead is if you want to “pass-thru” to charge the iphone (usb-c to usb-c)

I switched the car to accessory mode and the device booted and asked a couple of questions, make and model of car. It then asked to create a bluetooth connection to the iphone

A few seconds later, it booted to CarPlay automatically. You can go to settings and look for updates, manual connection, bluetooth name etc etc but other than checking for a software update (there wasn’t t one), I left well alone.

… and just to prove “no leads”

I did a couple of timing tests, unlocking, watching entertainment system boot thru warning screen etc and by the time it was ready to use, the wireless carplay adapter had already booted and connected to my iphone in my pocket. Impressed.

I tried out iphone maps, google maps, tunein radio, messages, whatsapp and they all worked OK as did Siri and the phone for calls.

NOTE - you have to have the wired carplay hub fitted already, this will not work otherwise.


Hi @Jeff_jthspace where did you get that hood to keep the infotainment screen in a bit more shade ?

It was from wish.com when I was browsing through 000’s of items under an MX5 ND search.

To be honest I’ve removed it as it didn’t make much of a difference and it also hid the clock in the top right corner when fitted.