Wiring in a rear fog light

 My rear fog light has never worked, even though when i put it through an mot in January, it passed, lol.

I did have one of those lovely square things under the rear bumper, until half an hour ago, when i decided that it didnt work, so whats the point of it being on the car!!!

I have a switch on the dash (not OE) with 3 wires coming out of it. Due to the amount of stuff behind the steering colum, it makes it hard to see whats what. 1 wire definately runs the length of the car to where the rear fog was. The fog light was earthed to the body inside the boot, and the bulb looked OK.

When a fog light is wired in on an import, does it usually get wired in to the OE fuse box? If so, which fuse is it?

When i rewire it into one of the rear light clusters, does it have to work in conjunction with the headlights? or can it just be totally seperate, with a simple on/off switch?


I believe I am right in saying that for MOT, Fog light should only work when headlights are on, and the switch should illuminate so you know the foglight is lit.

I reckon every importer does their own thing regarding adding the foglight.

Really easy ten minute job to re-route the wiring from existing fog light to the driver’s side rear reversing light.  You will need a 21w red bulb.

Test the existing wiring first before you start investigating at the front.  It should be on a separate fuse, most likely wired to a fuse in the small fuse box under the steering column.  You do need a torch and the flexibility of a gymnast to really get to this fusebox (drop the roof, feet in the air and head under the dash is my preferred route!)Big Smile