won't let me put this in 'engine' fan belt squeal after new belt

Yet another question...Im hoping I'll get to the bottom of all these things soon..before I flog the thing and jump back into a VW

I had a new fan belt put on my 1.8 mk1 the other day.  Drove it home… turned engine off, fiddled about a bit on something else came back started it and squeeling again?!

I tightened the belt up and it seemed better.

Tonight it rained quite a bit and has since started screeching like nothing I’ve known.  I’ve checked the tension and it seems about right but I don’t know whether to nip it up again.  I fear I’ll do some damage.  It’s a ribbed belt not the V belt type.



after doing some more research i conlcuded that it may be one of the pulleys that are to blame.  I’ve just been to the garage, whipped the belt off and found that the alternator, although spins freely has a little squeek…I’ve sprayed some wd40 on it but to save some cash and time can anyone recommend anything better ?  I don’t really want to change the alternator if possible.  

WD 40 is fine as a freeing agent, but not as a long term lubricant. If you are getting a squeek from the front pulley, it’s because the front bearing has gone dry and is starting to pick up[ balls skidding against the cages and each other]. You could try getting a thicker lube in there, but without pulling the bearing out it is nigh on impossible to penetrate the bearing cage.

Autolink will sell you a second hand one for about £75

excellent.  I have wd40’d it for now and ill see how it goes…At least Ive got some options. thanks :slight_smile: