Workshop manuals

Just joined the forum, because, my girlfriend has an MX5 mk2 and has discovered I can do some bits and pieces to cars !  Anyway, a week later & a list of projects for after Christmas I’m thinking Christmas presents . . . . . .

 As Haynes don’t seem to do a Mk2 manual, can anyone here recommend a ‘Haynes’ type manual for servicing & repairs etc, that’s still available ??

I’ve seen a couple advertised on Amazon but don’t know which would be best, any ideas please ?


A MK2 specific manual is not available. Rod’s Enthusiast’sWorkshop Manual (by Veloce) is a popular choice and will probably be suitable for you as the MK1 & MK2 are mechanicaly very similar. Depending on what you plan to do, I think Mazda Miata MX-5 Performance Projects (Keith Tanner by Motorbooks International) is a good read and has some MK2 references in it.

Cool cheers for that Robbie, I’ll have a look on Amazon.  I was wondering if the Mk2 was basically a facelift.

 Maybe I should buy her a torque wrench also for me to use !  lol

Also have a look through the “How To’s” . Plenty of tech help there or just ask if you cant find anything relevant.