World Record Attempt Elvington June 2021

Does anyone have an update on this event ? and any registration details ?

No decision on being able to run the day yet

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New information in the Softtop Hardtop. Registration on
Strangely not yet working.

What’s not working?

Hi Ian,
The ‘link’ does not show any ‘Registration’ information so that may be what is being referred to.

As per the important update on the page registration is currently on hold (now made that red to stand out) thanks to an unseen change in regs that also took out Donington historic.

I have added a form, if people want to pop an email address in there to be emailed as soon as things can go live.

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Cheers, that one is working, lots of love m.

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Surely with all the conditions that basically you can not get out of your car,it wouild be better to delay it again until more normal times resume,i do not think you will get anything like the numbers you had last time,if people have driven a fair distance the last thing most will want to do is just sit in there cars for few more hours.Certainly most will want to get out and go to the loo etc.



I totally agree with you Simon.Whats wrong with the 27th June?

The venue is booked out well over a year in advance, and is completely booked for the rest of this year. This date was booked over a year ago and was the best guess at what may be possible assessing how 2020 went even the 27th was not available. Missing the regulations by a single day has been a nightmare and I and others are are doing what we can to try to make it happen,

There is another marque record attempt happening the week later and I am trying to work with them to see if there is capacity to share the venue however they have sold out all 1350 passes and are unlikely to be able to accommodate our requests.
I have managed to secure a fall back later in the year, but this falls close to the September Rally.

I am working as hard as possible to get something workable together, there are no normal circumstances with this or any other event planning at the moment, and your patience is appreciated.


I am going to bring a wide brimmed bottle (well not that wide!).

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Perhaps the club could have some of these adorned with the club logo!!!

AWOKEN Unisex Potty Urinals for Car, Toliet Urinal Pot for Men and Women, Portable Pee Bottle, With a Lid and Funnel,Leakproof Urinals for Car, Travel Camping Outdoor: Sports & Outdoors

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That’s a great idea, of course some lucky(?) owners will have rusty holes in the floor they can use.

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Hi Team

I just do not believe it is feasable to expect people to drive a huge distance of up to 200 miles and then not to get out of there cars to walk around a bit and stretch there legs etc etc,lots of people could be quite dangerous after driving that sort of distance,then going round steady trying to stay very close,leg cramp etc,could be lots of cars rammed,in effect they could be sat in there cars from very early morning until late afternoon,with that in mind surely september or next year would be better.
I do not envy your job Ian of trying to sort this one out,but with these conditions the number of cars attending i am sure will be far less than half what attended before.
Simon H

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I was offered something like this at a defence show; it was filled with a gel that could apparently absorb 4 liters of liquid. Sales guy claimed special forces used these (probably not). I was aghast when the salesman claimed he used them on flights, with a blanket. Saves getting up.

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Any update ?

No idea but it has to stop raining first. :frowning_face:


I am certainly interested! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Is there anymore updates as to if this is still going ahead?