Would these wheels suit?

Hey guys, I’m looking to order some new wheels this week but i’m a bit undecided… I really like the Rota GT3’s so I done a chick photochop on my car…

heres one

and heres another one I made…

What do you think guys??

 Nice! - but what’s that thing on top???

Hee hee…good one

My Hardtop??? I’m not following you now? whats wrong with it :S

You can take them off quite simply apparently…!!! [;)]

Nice… I am biased though

BUY the Rota GT3’s!  They look awsome.  15" and 16" available, and with Christmas Bargin prices too!

 You know you want to…

 But I do also have a soft spot for the the RB’s

Very nice indeed.

They look brilliant !! … get them now.

Looks good with the hardtop on too. [:P]

Looks good…do it…!![;)]