Yellow Mk4

Must be a wrap, but got passed by going the other way, and a wave from, a yellow Mk4 in Chertsey, South West London. If he hadn’t waved I would probably have missed it as a yellow Mk4 is not on my radar… 

Wow!  Great colour!  Great shape!  Wonderful combination!  Another missed  opportunity Mazda!

I’ve seen a couple of pictures of yellow wrapped Mk4s - I think they look great. I wouldn’t normally go for yellow cars but they are growing on me as I get older and if Mazda released one I would be seriously tempted. I will look out for it on my travels in the area.

Yes, I agree a yellow Mk4 would be my choice, in fact had Mazda made a yellow Mk4 available

on launch I would have bought one.  Given the gear box maladies of some 2 litre MK4’s I am now

glad Mazda did not offer yellow. 

The MK4 without doubt is a fine car to drive, having driven both 2 & 1.5 litre cars.  Of the current

offering my choice would be a 2 litre plain white SEL Nav, I just do not need the gizmos on the

Sport.  The money saved would be spent creating a MK4 to my desires.

But the gear box issue…

It was planned I believe …