Young modified insurance?

Hi all,
I’ve had my mk1 1994 Eunos 1.6 S spec import for just over a week now and it’s an amazing car and loads of fun. Easily the best car I’ve driven, not that I’ve driven many cars. I’m already itching to start modifying (mainly small mods like some body work, wheels, air intake to make it sound nice e.c.t but nothing that adds any significant power). As I’m quickly finding out that any deviation from how the car was from the factory invalidates the insurance I have currently and most other insurance policies.

I’m 19 and had a full license for 2 years with no clams or convictions. But the problem I’m having is after trying to get a quote from comparison sites and 4 different companies who “specialise” in imports, classics, modified cars and even young drives, as soon as they hear 19 and modified car they pretty much put the phone down and don’t even give me a quote.

Does anybody know of any insurances companies that would at least give me a quote? It would be good to know how much it would cost even if I can’t afford it. Or am I just going to have to wait till I’m 21 or so when these companies will give me the light of day?

Assuming you have insurance in your name currently but they are saying no mods?
Sometimes it’s worth putting experience drivers on your policy as a named driver, parent(s) if you’ve already not done so. Whether that would alter the mods thing who knows. Generally it’s more or less known at your age they expect you to run around in s small inexpensive 1ltr box and pay sky high prices, anything larger or with more umph and no thanks try elsewhere.

Who have you tried so far? Instead of us giving suggestions that have already been crossed off
If you don’t mind saying, what is your current policy like?
Where are you based? Location can play a big factor

I had a import Toyota MR2 when I was 19, no modifications (unless you count the split exhaust flex joint) but it still wasn’t exactly cheap to insure costing ~3x the value of the car!

Finally, before you go modifying your new purchase, is it completely sorted mechanically and has an rust been taken care of?

The current companies I’ve tried are Adrian Flux, Rainbow insurance, Footman James and another company who was associated with Footman James and got in contact with me but I can’t remember the name. I’ve also had a look at most of the big comparison sites which don’t even give results for modified cars.

My current policy is a company fleet insurance and they don’t have a problem with under 21’s driving cars under 2 litres but they don’t allow any modifications. I’m around the East Midlands Doncaster area if that helps.

To my untrained eye mechanically everything seems sound I’ve been using it as a daily driver and haven’t noticed any issues. Rust doesn’t seem to be a problem either, wheel arches and sills are in great condition and the entire underside looks really good. I’ve had some people who have got more experience than me have a good look at it and they all say it’s a clean car so. Plus the guy I bought it off was from the club, had clearly looked after it well and said it had been garaged for 10 years of its life. So I think the car is all good?

Sounds like a great car!

I am with Admiral, modifications declared, but I am 25…could be worth a shot though.

But, as you said in your first post, you might just have to wait :frowning:
There are a variety of minor “modifications” you can do aesthetically but anything that has a greater impact might be off the table for a while sadly.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve only looked at Admiral through comparison sites and they didn’t accept any mods then but I’ll call them up and see what they say.

Other than that I’ll just have to wait and enjoy the car stock which really isn’t a problem.

Thanks again.

I’m with Admiral too, they accept mods but, I’ve a few but mainly cosmetic and lowered suspension. They were ok with all that as long as declared of course but they told me any power mods maybe a different thing altogether. I am the wrong side of 60 yrs old but for yourself, no harm in trying, you need to speak with them rather than doing the compare stuff.

To add to my comment; I have lowering springs, 25mm spacers and an exhaust declared

Try Admiral. I am 20 with 2 years NCB. I got quoted £1700 for fully comprehensive and £1100 for third party fire and theft. They told me I was allowed unlimited modifications which are not related to power.

Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you wish.