1.5 ND1 vs ND2

I was curious having bought a new ND1 1.5  in the summer how it compared with the newer ND2. I’d read a couple of reviews and couldn’t really get to the bottom of it. Other than the telescopic steering which wouldn’t benefit me as I seem to just the right dimensions I wondered what else had been gained.  Comparing the brochures I noted the 0-60 and top speed (8.3/127) are the same. The previous model was 1050 kg compared to the newer weight of 1061 kg. I did notice however the the MPG and CO2 has worsened in the newer model. ND1 47.1 vs ND2 44.8 and 139 vs 143.

So if it’s no faster, no quicker at accelerating, but weighs more, drinks more petrol and pumps out more CO2 it doesn’t seem such a great upgrade! 

What do others think? 

Please do a bit research before stating what you have written.

The ND2 has been tested to a different standard and in that test cycle the fuel consumption and CO levels have increased compared to another different car tested to a different cycle. The ND2 has no reported test data from the old cycle of tests for you to make that comparison.

The ND1 was tested on the old test cycle therefore you are comparing apples and pears if you compare another teat cycles readings on a different version of the car.

Also many small changes have been made to the engine on the ND2, some of which may well be to reduce emissions on the new more stringent testing cycle. It is reported that certain VW cars had to be tweeked to get them through the new cycle as their NOX levels were above what was expected of them and in some cases the cars that are being released that are tested to the new regs have a small power decrease.

Certain BMW cars are being discontinued or taking a halt in production to get them through the new regs.

Only MX5’s with the + identifier after their model name can be registered after 1 September 2018.

There’s some info here on the switch from NEDC to WLTP testing.

NEDC (the ‘old’ system) uses test cycles with lower speeds and more more time stationary.  WLTP is supposed to be more realistic, using higher average speeds and less time stationary.  It’s a longer test too I think.

There is currently a transitionary thing going on as I understand it, whereby figures are being quoted based on NEDC but ‘recalibrated’ to WLTP.  Whether the ND2 figures are actually WLTP figures or adjusted NEDC ones I don’t know.

As suggested by the similar performance figures, it’s basically the same car but with the figures quoted differently.

The odd thing is that it’s quite easy to achieve the old combined mpg figure with the 2015-2018 1.5. Mine will drop below 45 when I have been ‘enjoying myself’  but it’s fairly easy to see 48-50mpg.

In practice I expect the ND2 will be no less economical than the ND1.


What are they doing with unsold original NDs then?

I think they have all been registered, so they are effectively being sold as used cars.