10mm bolt holding the radio in position

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2007 MX5 MK3
  2. I’m based near: __Birmingham
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Removal of 10mm bolt holding radio

Morning Forum,

Just a quick question regarding removal of standard radio from my 2007 MX5. I appreciate their are many videos on YouTube showing this security bolt but they are all shown the removal on a left hand drive car and the bolt is located on the LEFTHAND SIDE of the radio. Am I to assume that the process is the same for the RIGTHAND drive car and the bolt is located on the RIGHTHAND SIDE OF THE RADIO. Many thanks Paul

It is indeed on the right hand side for us.

If your radio doesn’t tug out once the other screws (on the side) are removed then that awkward 10 mm is in place.
It’ll need a good tug to remove, get your fingers around the sides, no levers that could cause damage.
A long bar extension is good to have with your 10mm socket on the end, a torch and a little contortion.:grin:

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As Mick says.
Perhaps the smallest diameter extension you have, tape the socket on and blue tack (or similar) in the end of the socket.
It stops it falling when it’s out and trust me it’s VERY annoying trying to find it. :+1:

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That’s if the bolt is there.
On our mk3 with the original radio CD system we found that it had - for some unknown reason - been removed.
Made life a lot easier ONCE we had worked out that it wasn’t there :wink:

The nut is still somewhere behind the heater controls on mine. :joy: Luckily no rattles or shorting of electrics.


I cobbled together a sequence of cheap small tools and an old drill chuck.

The flexy drive allowed me to easily control torque to the bolt with one hand, and relatively simple access to it was guided by the other.

Pull off the under-dash kick-trim in front of the pedals and look up at the head unit; it is the only obvious 10mm bolt on it. The bend in the flexy is exactly how I used it…

Thanks all for your help it is very appreciated perhaps we might meet at the anniversary meet next week PAUL