£115 with Admiral

2.0 Sport MK3, 4000 miles per year.

55 years old with a million years NCD, No accidents and No convictions.

£115 Fully Comprehensive with protected NCD.




great price !!

And I thought I did well at £152 with Quote me happy:

2009 2.0 Powershift


6,000 miles


I actually had a quote of £111.30 from Lancaster.

However, for the sake of £3.70, I opted to stick with Admiral for another year.


They also price matched my daily 2.0 Kia Sportage (GT-LIne) at £270.00

And my eldest daughters Mazda 3 at £384.


My youngest daughter in a Mini Cooper, they lost though.

They were £600 more expensive than AXA.


Axa Quoted £472, Admiral wanted just shy of £1100

Happy numbers !..I have exactly the same car and im very similar but more of a spring chicken @ 52 !..will be contacting Admiral in Octber



Hmm, this year Admiral quoted me 20% more than last year which was 20% more than the year before (Niseko, limited mileage, garaged, 26yNCD, 72). 

So I had a chat with them and they came down to last year’s price, but I’d already had a quote from RAC for 40 less than what I paid Admiral in 2014.  So it is now RAC for me, £154.

I pay £86 for mk1 3000 miles a year but this is on a 3 car multi car policy. I get an agreed valuation too. The quote I had from Admiral did increase 10% but I shopped around and threatened to leave and Admiral matched the prices. I would recommend that everyone should compare prices before just renewing to avoid being ripped off.

The Mazda3 needed to be insured next month, and Direct Line has gone up from 184 for the three month old car up to 305 for it three years later, even though the car’s market value has dropped to half.

I looked at Money-Supermaket etc and the quotes ranged from 190 to 600.

LV are now insuring it for 221, same cover and excesses.



I went with quote me happy similar car same milage etc but i’ve youth on my side 47     £155 but now with zero excess noticed a few quotes coimg up with zero excess these days…

I’ve got  three insurance policies with Admiral, two cars and home insurance, a bundled package. I tried to beat that bundled package price even getting quotes from two other companies offering multiple policies, I couldn’t better it. Armed with better individual quotes just on one car I rang Admiral and said reduce your quote on that car and I’ll stick with you, they did without any fuss.

They said at the end of the conversation, don’t bother looking for alternatives next renewal, if you’re not happy get straight through to us and we’ll work something out for you if you think the price is high. Shouldn’t have to do it really but they expect you to haggle now, so just do it.  I’ll still be armed with quotes from others as a guide, they do ask who you had quotes from and which compare site, so they know who and where the better quotes are coming from. I’m  paying just £13 more this time around than last year over the three policies, no changes or increased excesses.

A few days ago my wife received her first renewal quote for her van, from one of the insurance providers mentioned inside the front cover of our club’s magazine.

Just as I previously discovered with my MX-5 and my other car, the price went up after the first year. We used one of the usual comparison websites and easily found cover for over £100 less with a number of other companies. My wife rang the present insurer to ask for proof of her no claims. This must have put them in a state of flux(…!) because their immediate response was an unsuccessful attempt to price match. Too little, too late says she, so the van will be insured with Admiral when the present cover ends in couple of weeks’ time.

The answer is to always do a price comparison check, whoever your provider might be.