12th April 2021 Who’s going to the pub🍺

Just called the landlord of my village pub and all booked in. The 12th of April is now officially my day off :grin:


Nope, done this long without another few days won’t be any different


Sorry but I have a local Pub that needs saving, I am working from home. So it is my duty to help them out in their time of need by putting some money over the bar.


We don’t use our local, a few years since we’ve been in. It’s usually full of loud obnoxious folk, that’s before they’ve had a skinful. The next one is 1 mile away, more like a country pub affair and very expensive.
I know we need to support them when they reopen but we hardly go to any, if out it’ll be a pub lunch and a shandy because we are usually in the MX-5 on a road trip.
I look forward more to driving that TBH

Decades ago when I used to frequent ale houses on a frequent basis they was full of noisy, drunken twentysomething year old’s - me and my mates! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Now I don’t frequent ale houses at all because they’re full of noisy, drunken twentysomething year old’s that are not me and my mates! :crazy_face:


Good comments. Local village pubs are really important and need supporting. I have to admit we are lucky to have such a good pub in the village. If anyone is in the West Sussex area you should try ours. The White Lion, Thakeham, you won’t be disappointed, great beer and food.


Very nice we will add that to our next shandy road trip.

If it’s not raining, the sun’s out and half-warm, I expect there will be a fair number wanting to enjoy the beer gardens (sans gazebos) from the 12th. A fair few more will probably wait until May (17th?) when they are allowed inside for that traditional pub atmosphere, or at least something resembling it.

The wife likes the look of your local, but turned her nose up at the shandy. Do they have bed and breakfast?

Shandy😱 Sorry no B&B. If you Google surrounding villages, Nutbourne, Wiggonholt, Pulborough to name a few there are a number of beautiful B&Bs.