12V sockets have died on 2 NC's

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Has anyone come across a problem with the 12V socket on their NC 3.5? I’m lucky/crazy enough to have a couple of these ladies and both have suffered 12V death - one died with a dash-cam in the socket (after several weeks of use) and the second died after plugging my iPhone into it via an adaptor (which is still live in my van). I haven’t replaced the fuses yet because the damn things aren’t standard size and the assorted box I have doesn’t have any of the mini ones! But it’s weird that both 3.5’s have died and yet the 3 I also have (I know what you’re all thinking, probably similar to what my wife does!) is absolutely fine after nearly 2 years of constant dash-cam connection.
Thanks in advance and if anyone can tell me the best place to get replacement fuses, that would be much appreciated.
Happy polishing your babies folks

That sounds weird, the both blowing in the 3.5’s.
Have you considered hardwiring the dash cam, easy enough and much neater.
Still it doesn’t solve the fuses blowing and why on the NC3.5’?
Assuming it’s the type of fuses at the bottom of the A pillar fuse box. They are easily available from your favourite auction site or Amazon if you can’t get to Halfords these days.

Thanks Mick, I’ll do trawl for those fuses (probably not classed as an essential journey, even if it is for my own sanity!) I’m going to look into hard wiring the dash cam but still need to have a power socket for the phone to charge so I’ll have to do some investigating…a good excuse not to do DIY in the house and instead play with one of the triplets :wink: :shushing_face:

I was thinking how many NC’s can one person have. :roll_eyes: but then I could be rebuffed and told to mind my own business. :grimacing: :ok_hand:

I wish I could have more than one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Had same, checked fuse was sound but replaced (7.5) still dead, removed lighter, long fiddly job should have removed the radio surround so able to get from behind (2 plastic security lugs ) however after 1 hour of ease lube and gentle screw driver work came out with out any damage, I was slightly disappointed to find both wire connectors in place, (bugger) thought that would have been the problem, so separate the connectors, lube with electric cleaner (they where problem free) re-connected pushed in din plug (new one from Halfords, working on other car, showing blue light on) well nothing, so tried some hard pressure by pushing plug in socket, Hey presto blue function light release pressure dead. fortunately I have a din plug for my motor bike camera so thought try (it is a little longer) insert, blue light, so in/out a few times working (no more buggers !) conclusion (I stand to be corrected) nipple spring connector to weak at tip of plug, next job hard wire easy with a piggy back fuse holder, remember its a 7.5 fuse, good luck

If you only had the one car I would suggest that a previous scuttle grommet leak may have caused corrosion or a short in the loom or fusebox in the passenger footwell. Have you fixed the grommets?

I haven’t (yet -that’s on my lockdown list) but thanks both of you for the replies. I’ll see what a bit of pressure on the plug achieves as well - hopefully it is that simple :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:
I’ll post back when I’ve had a little play…

That’s the question my wife and most friends ask me too Mick, so you aren’t alone :grin:

Bit of long story but here goes anyway…

I bought my 08 2.0 Roadster 2 years ago in preparation for a long talked about road trip down the west coast of Scotland, planned for this year (next month it was going to be and was all booked and paid for before C19 hit :tired_face:)
Three cars with 3 drivers, each responsible for their own purchase.
Then one of them invested their spare pennies in a new kitchen and extension so his participation was looking doubtful. As it happened I passed a local garage selling a high mileage (103k) 09 2.0 roadster for silly money. When I went to look at it, it was too much of a bargain to miss out on, so I bought it on the premise that it was a temporary measure for him and I would do it up and sell it on later. (kept my wife happy, even though we both know that won’t happen!) Now that our trip is unlikely to happen until next year now, I HAVE to keep it really.
The third purchase, an 11 plate 2.0 Kendo roadster, was another bargain I couldn’t let go by. Our party of 3 had grown to 4 by now as I’d persuaded my best mate in South Africa to join us, but he couldn’t buy one of his own so I used that as an excuse to get this one :wink: I owned up to the boss only after I’d done the deal as it’s easier to beg for forgiveness than to explain such lunacy.

And there in a rather large nutshell is the story of my triplets. They’re all 2.0 roadsters in different colours with mileages of between 94 and 104k but have been properly looked after. I fix car bodywork for a living so I’m now using the ruse that they are “project cars”. The 08 plate is currently off the road having new leather seats made while I fix some minor body blemishes - she’s my favourite and has already had her steering wheel redone by Royal Steering Wheels and a DAB head unit in to replace the OEM unit.

In the interests of my marriage remaining intact and given the fact that MX5’s are too small to live in, I’ve promised to keep it at 3, although it doesn’t stop me browsing Autotrader! They are such good value these little cars and cost next to nothing to run and maintain properly so it would be rude not to own one…or three :blush:

Thanks again for your help folks and may we all be able to enjoy our little motors again SOON!!

P.S. Nearly forgot to mention they all have sequential private regs - MA08ZDA, MA09ZDA and MA10ZDA so if you see me out and about, give us a wave.


Problem solved by your experiences mazdared! I searched the house for an old (i.e. less stylish, less modern design :grin:) 12V plug in adaptor which had a longer barrel on it and hey presto, I have power after all. No blown fuses, just a couple of adaptors that are too short for the cars’ 12V sockets. A little gem of information that will no doubt save many the hassle you went to trying to solve the problem, and what I was about to do until I consulted this forum.
Great stuff and many thanks!


Thanks for the feed back, glad to hear that it sorted your problem.
Stay Safe

Resurrecting this topic from the grave but I’ve just encountered the same issue where the 12V adaptor isn’t long enough for the nipple end to make a contact. It seems the NC “■■■ lighter” socket is deeeeep.

There’s no standard relating to the dimensions of car cigarette lighter sockets, so some are longer/shorter than others, and some are wider/narrower than others. Unfortunately they all look about the same size, even though they aren’t.

They were never designed to be the universal 12V power supply for car accessories that they have become - there are many deficiencies in the design. However, because they are so ubiquitous, they became the de facto standard.

Now most cars seem to come with USB-A sockets … just as the world have moved to USB-C!

I’ve been looking on fleabay and Amazon for a 12v adapter I think will be long enough and struggling. I need one with 2 USB ‘A’ sockets.
Has anyone got one that definitely works and tell me where you got it? I’ve got a hands free and a MagSafe charger I can’t use yet. TIA