15-20 Car Schedule - When & where is the car appearing near you ?

 Hi All - I have been draughted back to help the 15/20 team with PR and the schedule for the car.  ‘Oh no he’s back’ some of you will murmer BUT it is only until the National Rally I promise.[:)]

View the car here on YouTube

6 - 7 June - Bovington H4H event - click here for more details
8 - 12 June - Canterbury Mazda
13-14 June - Bromley Motor Pageant
- click here for more details
22 June - 2 July - Tyne Tees - Sunderland Mazda Dealer and Tyne Tees event
3 - 5 July NEM - JAPS - click here for more details
6 - 10 July - Exeter Mazda
11 July - Powderham Castle - Crash Box and Classic Car Club rally - click here for more details
12 July - Oxford - Berkshire Treasure Hunt
13 - 16 July - Mazda Dealer
17 - 18 July - Wessex
19 July - Sherborne Classic Car show - click here for more details
20 - 24 July Northampton Mazda dealer
25 - 26 July - Silverstone Classic - click here for more details
27 - 31 July Peaks and Pennines Mazda dealer
1 - 2 August - Sheffield Car show - details to follow
4 - 7 August - South Wales Mazda dealer
8 - 9 August - South Wales Car Show - details to follow
15 - 16 August - Knockhill - - details to follow

26 -27 August Corby/Northampton
30 - 31 August - Stamford Classic Car Show (not now appearing here)

6 September - Norfolk Gala Day - click here for more details
7 - 11 September EMG for detailing

12 September - The BIG day - Anniversary National Rally - Mallory Park

These dates are firm and more will be added so please watch this space.


 Hi Clive, you have done a good job already.  I thought it was only to celebrated over a weekend some time, not over a few months.

Hi Clive - I see there is no input for any dates in Ireland/Northern Ireland - why is this?  Surely, with the amount of MX5 owners over here, we deserve as much as Britain in having a look at the car?!  Then again, maybe you have plans to send it over here, and you just haven’t finalised dates?!  We hope we get a look, because there’s a lot of enthusiastic owners here, I can tell you!

There are some of us coming to the Spring Rally and we’ll see the car there, but lots of other’s who can’t make it.


Sat August 22nd - it’s our village carnival - we’re 1 mile from Mallory.

If you want to show the car & sell tickets on the carnival field (or even drive it in the carnival parade too maybe), then let me know - I can sort it.

Might be useful to drum up some interest in the Rally at Mallory too???

Any takers? [H]

Hi - after discussions with the area coordinator there are no major events that the car can attend with the current schedule, therefore there are no longer any plans for the car to visit Ireland.  Kind regards CLIVE

Hi - thanks for the note.  Please contact your area coordinator as they will be the ones who will have to drive the car to and from the event.  Thanks.  CLIVE

Thanks Clive - I’ll post on the NEM site and see.

 Going well so far, with plenty of appearances all over the country.  But we’re looking forward to getting our hands on it for the Norfolk Gala day now on 6 September.  [Y]

Next stop, Mallory Park… [:D]

Who won it? - did I miss a call…??? [;)]

wasn’t me either

my phone rang today but I was driving, unknown caller, did I win the car?[:D]

call me again I am happy to pick up the call 24-7


2 missed calls today… am waiting…!!! [;)]