15-20 Rally entrance tickets and gala dinner details.

15/20 Rally and Gala Dinner. Saturday 12th September. 

Hi all - here are the prices and contact details:-

National Rally Entrance - £6 per person (£8 on the day) Saturday. 12th September.

National Rally Dinner - £25 per person. Saturday 12th September. 7.30pm for 8.00pm

Download the form here and send with a SAE and your cheque, made out to MX-5 Owners Club, to Jenny Dorgan.
9 Rosthwaite Drive, Skelton in Cleveland, Satlburn by the Sea. TS12 2WJ.

Raffle Tickets are £1.00 each. Please return remittance and stubs and any unsold tickets to me by 2nd September 2009. Please make cheques out to MX-5 Owners Club

If you can help by selling some raffle tickets to your family and friends please send me a pm with your name and address and I’ll happily send you a supply of tickets with instructions on how to bank the cash, return the stubs and unsold tickets to me.

15/20 Anniversary Gala Dinner Tickets and Rally Entrance Wristbands
Many thanks to those of you making early applications for tickets as this significantly eases the admin burden on me.  



     Can someone confirm that the Gala Dinner is on the Saturday night.



Yes, the Gala Dinner is on the Saturday night.


I have printed out the booking form to send off for my tickets. I read on a previous thread under 16 go free.

The booking from has nothing on it to add children . How do I get tickets for under 16 year olds.




 As I understand it, children under sixteen will be admitted free of charge, without a ticket, provided each child is accompanied by a fee paying adult. I.E, one child per paying adult.


 Thanks . But will that still be ok if we are in seperate cars . We are going 4 adults 3 children and can’t all fit in the 5 so may be in seperate cars.

I know it sounds daft but I don’t want to be arguing the point just because we end up seperated on the way in.

 I think you’ll be ok in separate cars, as long as each adult with a child has a rally entrance wristband. Four adults= four wristbands. Two adults and two kiddies in one car and two adults and one little 'un in the other car should see you ok. 

 I am the only one in charge of the rally entrance wristbands and if you’ve got a band on at the gate then we’ll know you’ve paid.

Unless you are buying them on the day of course. The same rule applies, one child under sixteen admitted F.O.C if with a paying adult. 

I am a Norwegian who joined some of you at the Nürburgring in May.
Since I will be in London the “rally-weekend” i consider a trip to Mallory Park.

Will this event be open to non-members ? (I am member of the Norwegian MX5 Owners Club)
Can I just show up and buy ticket at the entrance ? (I will not bring Rudolph [:(] (my car))

Erik Hansen
Oslo, Norway

 Hi Erik,

Yes  its open to non-members,you can just show up and buy a ticket at the entrance. Come along it should be a great day with lots to see and a chance to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. [:D]


 Be nice to meet you again Erik.

Hope you have a good trip to London and can make it up on Saturday

I will be ontrack in the morning but stood by my cars in the afternoon for the Judging

Strangely it was my “show” car that I took to the Ring so you should recognise it.



I’ve sent my form and card details to request 2 x wristbands but am wondering if they’ve been recieved/processed as there seems to be no money to the OC going from my account! Have emailed and PM’d Jenny with no success…is there any other way to find out if I’ve been successful…?


Jenny called me on Friday to let me know my wristbands are in the post, payment will be taken asap and all is well! Thanks Jenny!!! [:D]

Small point, but neither of those cars can be a 5 [:D]

 Sorry if I have missed this but what time does the rally start on Saturday?



 Good question.  I hope to add an off track event schedule, with such info, very shortly.  Action on the track starts at 9.00am.

 we dont have tickets to get into the show but really want to be there as the last show we were at was beaulieu and it was a great day.also we have booked a b+b so we can make a weekend of it.Does anyone think it will be a problem to get tickets at the gate.


 Tickets are available for all on the gate, at £8.00…  see you there 

 Got mine in the post today [H] [Y]


 ERIK!!! [:D]

Come and say hello [:)]

we look forward to seeing you Eric…[H]