15/20 What's it all about ?


This Section is designed to give you, the members of our Club and indeed onlookers with an interest in our Club, the chance to “have your say” for the forthcoming celebrations in 2009. To set the scene, here is the article published in the August 2008 Soft Top Hardtop (STHT):

Next year brings an exciting double celebration for MX-5 owners. The 15th birthday of the Owners Club and the 20th anniversary of the MX-5 will be marked by a special Club event(s) - for which the preparations have already started.

A group of Club representatives called Team 15/20 met for the first time in July 2008, to discuss ideas around what sort of event(s) would appeal to member’s with a view to making recommendations to the National Committee.

The meeting was held in Kegworth, East Midlands, and included members from Tyne Tees, West Midlands, North Thames, Yorkshire Ridings, Central Scotland and Peak and Pennines.

Two couples from South Wales and North West have also signed up to be in the group.

Ideas flowed thick and fast, and meeting organiser Mino Manekshaw said “It went much better than I could have hoped.” He added “They are an enthusiastic team that has bonded well, and we discussed several options including the concept of a two-day MX-5 festival with lots of activities for people to do, in addition to the usual competitions and stalls.

“Everyone went home with research to do before the end of July, and we are speaking to Mazda to see how we might work together to make this a year to remember”.

The 15/20 report was due to be discussed at the next Club Management Team meeting on July 19th.

Some of the 15/20 committee were amongst the earliest Club members, including Gillian and Andrew Fearon from North Thames (member number 137).

So let’s all wish Team 15/20 well in their efforts, to help make 2009 a very special year in our Club’s history.

“The report from the inaugural weekend was presented at the Club Management Team meeting on July 19th.

The wide range of items under consideration coupled with the experience and the enthusiasm exhibited by the Team clearly won the day to the extent that there was unanimous approval that the Team be formally appointed to continue the development of the plan and with an outline budget that is a significant increase upon the norm.”

So what next? Some of the ideas already tabled at our first meeting will be published on here and you will get the chance to say a simple yeh or nay or give your thoughts on how it would work or how better it could work. Let’s put this section to its best use, i.e. creating a great celebration with members input on how to go about it. Of course some ideas won’t make it through due to financial restraints or just plain realism but this should not deter you from stating your case.

Team 15/20 doesn’t have all the answers; we’re counting on your support.


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