15” calibre Neo Matt black alloy wheels

Got a mk1 and looking for some black alloys. Really like the calibre neo ones but can’t find any reviews on them. Has anyone tried them or have any recommendations for alloys?

Also have Yokohamas on my current wheels at the moment which have a decent tread left on them. I plan to swap them too the new alloys, or is it worth to get a set of uniroyals. Use the car as my everyday driver.

Recommended to these , Revolution 8 spokes made he says for the mx5 35et 4x100 in black or gold , correct clearances 6 x15. i had been looking for minilight wheels which are under same outfit as Revo. but their offset was only 26 so may have been clearance issues… with track being now inch and half wider all around… basically they look like minilights… heres the link
VW, Opel, Mazda MX5 - Matt Black 15 x 6.0 inch 8 Spoke - Revolution Wheels…w