17 inch NC 2.0 Sport alloy wheels

I’m on the look out for some 17 inch alloys, the ones that come as standard on the NC 2.0 Sport model


I’ve scoured eBay and Gumtree to no avail, if anyone has a set for sale please let me know!


There’s a set being advertised on one of the MX5 Facebook groups, can’t remember which one though


Saw those, would be ideal if they weren’t in Scotland!



Cheers, I’ll try and find them



Whereabouts are you and how far would you travel? What condition are you looking for?


I have a very tatty looking set of 17" Sport lurking somewhere that I thought I would use as winter wheels but still haven’t got around to either refurbing or just sticking tyres on after about 7 years so would apologise for their condition but you can have them for £50.


I do also have some good condition 16" too which I have been meaning to sell but not got around to that either in the same time period!


I am in Norfolk (IP21 postcode prefix) btw.

I’m in Somerset, Ideally within 2 hours. Not overly fussy on the condition as I can always have them refurbished.

I’d take those off your hands if it wasn’t for the 4 1/2 hour drive. Funnily enough just seen a set on Facebook that would be spot on…of course they’re in Norwich too 




Still on the look out :eyes:

Why not book a delivery with Paisley Freight if a good set is a bit further away:


Thanks, that could come in handy

King civic - do you still have your £50 set? I’ll take them and arrange courier. Please contact me, thank you