17 inch wheels on a 1.5?

Anyone got any advice on fitting 17 inch wheels onto a mk4 1.5 engine? they have 16 inch as standard. most adverts advise to only fit 17 inch wheels onto 2.0L but wondered if anyone has done this on a 1.5

Fit fine. No issues at all.

This is my 1.5 2016 with 17" alloys

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17 x 7.5 et40 215/45/17

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Can 18inch wheel go on to or they to big and best sticking with 17inch

You could go 18’s I guess, tyres become a bit rubber bandish! Cosmetically and practically the rubber band thing isn’t for me! But everyone is different. :+1: Not sure what your wheel choice would be like in an 18 too! :man_shrugging:

We use a Rota 17x7.5 on the race cars with an MRF ZTR tyre, they work for us! :ok_hand:

I’ve always liked the the 17" Recaro alloy shame they didn’t make them a tad wider and with more offset! They do really suit the car, have you bought these then or just looking at them?

There up for £500 but I just don’t know what to do yet

this is my car just got it a week ago

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They do suit a white car, there were some on my race car donor car when I got it!

There very nice

is that your car mate and are they 18 inch

It is my car, altho it looks a bit different now, and after many more hours work, will be different again very soon!

No standard 17" Recaro Alloy.

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send pic when your all done mate

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Lots of replies for you