1991 Eunos

Anyone interested?


In an effort to abide by the advertising rules, the car is based near Derby and, although I really have no idea of its value, let’s say offers around £2K

Hi March,

It would be useful to know if its an Auto or Manual and a bit more info on whether its a 1,6 or 1.8 and general condition and what has been done to it.

I have a lady in my area that is looking for a good Mk1 but must be manual and colour is important too.

Mal Solent Area AC


It’s a pretty much original very early Mk 1, silver manual 1.6, MOTd

I can send photos via dropbox if you let me have you email address, but I think you maybe a little too far away for it to be of interest to you.



Hi Bryan,

Many thanks for your reply. My email address is: mal.rowland@mx5oc.co.uk

I will forward the photos to the lady in our group who is looking for a Mk1 and see what she says. I travelled from Southampton to Leeds Castle in Kent to get mine, several years ago. Sometimes, you have to put in the leg work to get the right thing :wink:



I’m interested!

Send me as much details as you can on info@gruppetta.com

Maybe you can also whatsapp over mobile?

Shall be waiting.

Cheers, Maurice.

Did you get the photos on Dropbox?

Yes, I did thanks.

Currently chasing some other too.