1991 Eunos

Anyone interested?


In an effort to abide by the advertising rules, the car is based near Derby and, although I really have no idea of its value, let’s say offers around £2K

Hi March,

It would be useful to know if its an Auto or Manual and a bit more info on whether its a 1,6 or 1.8 and general condition and what has been done to it.

I have a lady in my area that is looking for a good Mk1 but must be manual and colour is important too.

Mal Solent Area AC


It’s a pretty much original very early Mk 1, silver manual 1.6, MOTd

I can send photos via dropbox if you let me have you email address, but I think you maybe a little too far away for it to be of interest to you.



Hi Bryan,

Many thanks for your reply. My email address is: mal.rowland@mx5oc.co.uk

I will forward the photos to the lady in our group who is looking for a Mk1 and see what she says. I travelled from Southampton to Leeds Castle in Kent to get mine, several years ago. Sometimes, you have to put in the leg work to get the right thing :wink:



I’m interested!

Send me as much details as you can on info@gruppetta.com

Maybe you can also whatsapp over mobile?

Shall be waiting.

Cheers, Maurice.

Did you get the photos on Dropbox?

Yes, I did thanks.

Currently chasing some other too.

any interest?

I’m looking for a Mk1 any pics? Thanks

If you’d like to send me your email address I’ll send photos to you via dropbox

Are you still looking for a Mk1?

Hi Brian,

The lady in our Area group, is still looking for a Mk1 Manual as far as I know. Is it still up for grabs?



It’s still for sale - I have a couple of people interested but it’s on hold until after lockdown.

Totally understand that. I will pass the information to the lady concerned and she can make her decision, going forward.

Stay Well

Mal Rowland
Joint Solent Area AC

Hi, not far from you. Could you send me some pictures please? dylanwren26@gmail.com

Many thanks

sending via dropbox

Hi is this still available?

If you send me your email address I can send you photos via dropbox

If this is still available, could you send pictures please, email is baker_407@hotmail.com
Thank you