1991 MX5 (Eunos) with mk2 RS running gear

Owned since 2016, originally an early 1.6 5 speed I’ve gradually upgraded or replaced a large number of the mechanical components on the car. Always garaged during my ownership, Rolling road setup by Skuzzle, regularly geo’d by Wheels in Motion to make sure it stays aligned. Approx 160bhp at flywheel

Engine & drivetrain:

  • 1.8 conversion from ’99 RS mk2, running with ME221 Ecu
  • flywheel machined & lightened, new sachs clutch & bearings, new slave cylinder, braded hose
  • Racing beat exhaust header, bespoke Infinity exhaust, new cat installed, TDR heat blanket
  • Running K&N panel filter with conversion to air temp sensor for ME221, mix of mk1 & 2 induction system.
  • 6 speed gearbox, mk2 prop and driveshaft, with matching Torsen 3.9 Limited Slip Diff
  • Diff void fillers (superpro)
  • Bespoke speedo sender made for 6speed mechanical drive

During the conversion, also fitted:

  • New radiator
  • a/c deleted
  • EGR deleted
  • late mk1 alternator
  • new plugs, HT leads, water hoses, thermostat
  • Crankshaft oil seals (both ends)
  • new cambelt, water pump, tensioners & drivebelts
  • Fuel filter changed
  • New engine, gearbox, diff oil, etc.


  • MiesterR adjustable coilovers
  • New Mazda front lower wishbones, bushes, droplinks, upper & lower ball joints, new alignment bolts where needed
  • Newly reconditioned steering rack (power) inc. track rod ends
  • Wheels – Team dynamics 15” Miata-spec pro race, tyres have about 2000 miles on them so plenty of life left
  • 1.8 brake conversion, all new front & rear Brembo disks & Mazda pads, new sliders & fittings
  • Braided hoses
  • Wilwood adjustable brake proportioning valve
  • Both rear calipers have been changed during my ownership


  • Roll bar with cross brace & harness bar (TR lane)
  • Front & rear underbody braces from late mk1
  • Mk2 front tower brace
  • OEM R package spoiler (rear)
  • R package front splitter (PU copy)
  • Rear fog light incorporated into light cluster with led bulbs

I’ve set the car up for a tall person (I’m just over 6’2”) and fit really comfortably for long drives

  • Elise 111s drivers seat, leather dyed to match interior, re-upholstered with extra memory foam (original drivers seat is available if required)
  • Bespoke fixed seating mount (driver only)
  • Professionally shortened seatbelt stalk, by seatbelt company to ensure the stalk sits in correct position
  • Momo Prototipo wheel
  • 25mm wheel spacer
  • JAS toggle window switches, leather gearstick, handbrake gaiter, & armrest
  • Rear tonneau cover (adapted for roll bar)
  • Both window regulators rebuilt

Hood is the vinyl zip out type and in good condition, rain rail has been removed, repaired & refitted, hood drains are regularly cleared. Bodywork is what I’d class as good considering it’s age there’s a few parking dings and blemishes in the paint but it’s a 29 year old car!
I looked long and hard to find a mk1 without rust when I bought this car, it’s never needed any welding work since I have had it, the only previous work I can see is a small patch on one frame rail where it looks like it was squashed & a new piece welded in. As far as I can tell the car was imported in early 2000’s from Japan and has spent most of it’s life in the UK undercover.

The engine pulls really strongly and feels way faster than it did when it was a 1.6. Nick at Skuzzle tuned the variable inlet VICS on the engine well to give a nice torque curve and the 6 speed + 3.9 diff combination matches the engine which revs freely with the lightened flywheel. The 1-5 ratios are similar to the old 5speed but with 6th as a useful motorway gear.

Bad bits? If I’m being picky it’s been resprayed sometime in it’s past life, the front bumper & one popup are a very slightly different colour red but it’s never bothered me enough to do anything about it. Like most MX5’s of this age it uses a bit of oil depending on how hard you drive it, (between ½ to 1 litre every 1,000 miles) This is almost certainly the oil scraper rings as if you use an engine flush consumption is lower for a while. It doesn’t affect the driving so as it’s a second car I just keep the oil topped up regularly. Oil also gets changed every 2-3000 miles anyway.

Mileage shows 96,000 but at least 2/3 was km so realistically about 65,000 miles. The car gets used most weeks to keep it fresh and during my four years of ownership it’s taken me all across northern Europe France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, including trips to the Spa Classic three years running and one trip to the Nürburgring. I’ll be sad to see it go but I’m moving on to a new MX5 project and I’d love ‘HOD’ to go to a good home.
Price is £4,500 + matching hardtop negotiable separately.
Location: Maidenhead, Berks

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Older pics but the sun was out! (I still have the 5spoke wheels if wanted)

Provisionally sold


Sold, gone to its new owner :+1: